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Jordan Belfort’s Net Worth, Income, Girlfriend, And Career!

On July 9, 1962, Jordan Ross Belfort was born. He is an American entrepreneur, public speaker, writer, ex-stockbroker, and financial felon.

In 1999, in connection with manipulating the stock market and running a boiler room as part of a penny stock scheme, he entered a guilty plea. As part of an arrangement, Belfort served 22 months in prison. 

Jordan Belfort’s Net Worth, Income, Girlfriend, Career, And More!

It is in exchange for providing testimony against numerous associates and employees who participated in his fraud operation. He wrote the biography The Wolf of Wall Street in 2007, and Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed him in Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film adaptation of the same name.

Jordan Belfort's Net Worth, Income, Girlfriend, And Career!

Jewish parents gave birth to Belfort in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City. His mother, Leah, and father, Max, were both accountants. He was reared in Queens’ Bayside. Belfort’s close friend is Elliot Loewenstern.

They made 20,000 dollars by selling Italian ice. It is from styrofoam coolers to tourists at a nearby beach between finishing high school and enrolling in college. 

Belfort eventually earned a biology degree from American University. Belfort enrolled at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. It is to use the earnings from his work with Loewenstern to pay for dental school.

Jordan Belfort’s Net Worth

Jordan Belfort’s net worth is $115 million. He is the most well-known American entrepreneur. Jordan Belfort’s wealth peaked in 1998 when it surpassed $400 million.

Jordan Belfort’s good times came to an end after reaching such a peak net worth, and the very next year. He entered a guilty plea to fraud and associated offenses in connection with stock-market manipulation.

Jordan Belfort’s Income

In 1989, Belfort established Stratton Oakmont as a division of Stratton Securities. At this point, Belfort began polishing his penny stock trading strategies and demonstrating them to other investors. However, things started to go wrong when Stratton Oakmont started managing the business like a boiler room. 

NameJordan Ross Belfort
Net Worth 2022$115 million
Age60 years Old
Place Of BirthThe Bronx, New York, United States
Date Of BirthOn July 9, 1962
ProfessionRapper, Singer, And Songwriter

During the boiler room era, Belfort aggressively marketed penny stocks, driving up the price of these stocks. Belfort would have profited millions of dollars from the subsequent stock sale. Stratton Oakmont employed 1,000 dealers at its busiest. They were responsible for issuing shares worth more than $1 billion.

Millions of dollars were lost by investors as a result of these fraudulent operations. It quickly attracted the authorities’ attention. The days of pump and dump were over when the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority formally shut down Belfort’s business in 1996.

Jordan Belfort’s Girlfriend

Jordan Belfort’s girlfriend is Cristina Invernizzi.  Cristina Invernizzi is an actress and model. Before meeting Cristina, Belfort dated and had relationships with several well-known people. Jordan first got married to his ex-wife, Denise Lombardo. However, their relationship didn’t last long. After divorcing Denise, Belfort started dating Brooklyn-born model Nadine Caridi.

The former couple met for the first time at a function. After that, they exchanged wedding vows. Similarly, they also welcomed their two joint children.

The couple parted ways in 2005 when Caridi requested a divorce on the grounds of alleged domestic abuse. Additionally, Jordan married Anne, his third wife. Their relationship was also fleeting. Now that she has Cristina as her new lover, Belfort is satisfied with his life.

Jordan Belfort’s Career

Belfort started his sales career by peddling meat and fish. Belfort was raised in an apartment in Queens. He transitioned to a new industry in 1987 and used his sales skills to become a stockbroker. Belfort established his own company, Stratton Oakmont, in the 1990s. Sadly, he became well-known for cheating investors out of millions of dollars.

Jordan Belfort's Career

Jordan and his coworker, Danny Porush, utilized the pump and dump scheme to launder money. His brokers artificially raised the stock prices. Stratton Oakmont later realized a profit on the sale of its holdings in these businesses. Belfort lived a luxury lifestyle and had a lot of money. He bought a house, a sports car, and expensive equipment.

He started to become very drug dependent. Belfort was at fault for several accidents, including one in which his boat and helicopter collided. His second marriage was affected by his drug addiction. Following that, Belfort started acting irrationally against his workers. The Stratton Oakmont workplace had sex, drug use, and horseplay culture.

Belfort received a four-year prison sentence and a $110 million fine in 2003. He served a 22-month prison sentence. One of Belfort’s cellmates gave him the idea to write about his experiences. He spent his entire life in prison. So after that, he wrote his book, The Wolf of Wall Street.

His first book was published, Catching The Wolf of Wall Street. It detailed his life after prison was published. As a motivational speaker today, Belfort travels the world to share his inspiring story of success. He also has his own company. It provides training in sales and market-straight lines. In an interview, he defended himself by claiming, “He is a wolf who evolved into a more kind figure.”

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