Who Is Jordin Sparks? Who Is Jordin Sparks Husband?

Who Is Dana Isaiah He Has Any Realationship With Jordin Sparks

Surprises abound in the marriage of singer Jordin Sparks and actor Dana Isaiah. The “Double Tap” singer and her husband Isaiah made the happy news of their marriage and the first child on the way public in November 2017.

Sparks, who started seeing the model in early 2017, has been open about her feelings for her husband, Dana Isaiah Sr., since their baby’s birth in 2018.

Who Is Jordin Sparks? Who Is Jordin Sparks Husband?

Sparks said when asked whether their engagement was a surprise, “they don’t know if this is a surprising thing, but they do know it’s just been absolute validation to that he’s the one I’m destined to be with.”

Jordin Sparks With Her Husbend Dana Isaiah

This quote was published in November 2020. To put it simply, Dana means the world to us. Instead of calling him my accomplice, I’d call him his life and career partner.She said, “He would be an excellent dad. What a fantastic person he is.

He is a fantastic friend, and he is the greatest mate. It’s great that we can go through life together. Though they had a gut feeling, he was the one confirming that feeling has been lovely.”

He Has Local Ties

Despite being born in Chicago, Isaiah was raised in Missouri when his family moved there to run a Christian youth camp. Professionally, Isaiah is known as “Dana Isaiah,” however his given name is Dana Isaiah Thomas.

Isaiah Has Local Ties

Love At First Sight For Sparks

At first, Sparks and Isaiah met via their shared interest in chess. But when he came to see her in Los Angeles, she immediately fell in love with him. They opened the door and immediately stopped dead in their tracks, exclaiming, “Oh, no!” Sparks said in an interview with Today set for 2020.

Love At First Sight For Sparks

Even though they knew it was possible, she said they still didn’t think it would be me. On our second day together, they knew he was the one they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. They knew, but they didn’t tell him, and he didn’t know either.”

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When Compared To Sparks, He Is Much Younger

When compared to Isaiah, Sparks was born in 1989. On his 25th birthday in 2018, he posted a happy Instagram snap. In the photo’s caption, Isaiah thanked God, saying, “Grateful to God for his angels he has watching over my life.

When Compared To Sparks, He Is Much Younger

” Seeing the number 25 makes us joyful. They appreciate everyone who has had a role in making this year so unique. You guys keep the going and make them laugh with our FaceTime sessions.”

They Are Religious In Their Daily Lives

They went on a date to Game 4 of the NBA Finals in 2017, where they met Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Charles Barkley. Isaiah was also there to show her support for Sparks and film her rendition of the National Anthem before the game began so that he could share it on Instagram.

Spark & Isaiah Religious In Their Daily Lives

Both He And Sparks Were Married In Hawaii In 2017

Sparks and Isaiah eloped to Hawaii on July 16, 2017, while on a group trip. Almost four months passed before they finally made the news public, and even then, it was the only outlet to confirm their marriage.

Sparks claims that marriage “far more solidifies the full team concept of a relationship,” meaning that the couple no longer sees themselves as separate individuals but as part of a unit.

He’s An Excellent Parent

Just as Sparks often updates her feed with photos of her two nieces, Isaiah frequently shares images of his family, including his mother, father, brothers, and godson.

Isaiah Parent

This year (2018), he shared many photos from a family vacation he and Sparks took: “Over the weekend, in brief. What is obvious does not need justification. Every member of the family contributes to making the whole stronger.”

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Both He And Sparks Are Now Parents

Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr., or DJ, was born to Isaiah and Sparks on May 2, 2018. Isaiah said the couple “cried like babies when DJ was born.” “All your hard work was about to pay off, ” you thought. A flood of emotions from the pregnancy hits you all at once.”

Both Isaiah And Sparks Are Now Parents

Sparks and Isaiah are overjoyed as new parents and have posted several cute pictures of their baby on Instagram. Despite this, Sparks has said she does not plan to have more children.

“Our discussions and other activities keep him occupied for extended periods of time. They know the mental state is not yet stable enough to handle two of these discussions simultaneously.” She engaged in a dialogue with HUMANS. “He is related to many of his friends and family. The fact that he is a child or that this is a tumultuous time in his life is irrelevant. They usually respond, “One’s fine. “

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