Kanye West’s Ex Chaney Jones Playing Football In A Bikini With Diddy’s Sons

The American rapper Chaney Jones—Kanye West’s ex—posted a video to Tiktok in which she was seen playing football with Justin and Christain, Diddy’s boys, while sporting a scanty swimsuit.

Kanye West’s Ex Chaney Jones Playing Football With Diddy’s Sons

She made headlines online on Tuesday, June 28, when she appeared with Sean Love Combs’ two sons. The 24-year-old social media star was seen in the video sprinting across a grass lined with palm trees to catch the football.

Kanye West's Ex Chaney Jones Playing Football In A Bikini With Diddy's Sons

Since the bikini she chose for the day out was a very thong, it was almost showing when she ran in the bright, plain thing.

She knocked down a yellow-bikini girl as she ran to catch the ball and added the trending song “oh no oh no oh no no no” to the video she shared on her Tiktok.

The model played football with the Puff Daddy’s kids, Justin and Christain Combs, who are 28 and 22 years old, respectively, in another video she posted to Tiktok after the first one.

The first and second videos did not fail to please the 60k subscribers she had on the site for short-term video hosting, and many of them were even inspired to leave wonderful comments underneath the video because they were both so enthusiastic and upbeat.

She had a somewhat mixed reaction to her post because many people began to stray from the video and include Kanye in it because they broke up soon after they started dating. Some fans even made judgmental remarks about the split and her game, such as “Ye this time got a female who knows to play.”

Others pointed out that Chaney Jones resembles model tycoon Kim Kardashian, who recently divorced Ye, in their comments. The snarky fans remarked that Kanye must have had a type that resembled the physical make-up of his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends.

Many of Chaney’s followers made numerous amusing and sarcastic remarks under his most recent post.

Despite the briefness of their relationship, Kanye and Chaney were able to become the centre of attention as soon as the ex-couple began dating. Evidently, the influencer’s proximity to SKIMS founder Kim increased the publicity surrounding their relationship.

The brief relationship was particularly fascinating because they were said to have on a romantic vacation to Japan in May, which was followed by the rapper giving Chaney presents totaling $257,000.

A source said last month that Kanye is not putting pressure on anyone in the relationship, including Chaney, because he is mentally prepared to accept things as they are. The source went on to explain that Chaney truly had compassion for people and supported the rapper when people expressed outrage about him. The couple’s romantic getaway was a significant factor in bringing them together, and Chaney never failed to make the Entrepreneur laugh since for a while, Ye had no other light to turn to.

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