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What Is The Net Worth Of Racing cyclist Lance Armstrong? Bio, Career, And Wife!

Lance Armstrong, one of the most renowned cyclists in the world, made history in 2005 by taking first place in the prestigious Tour de France bicycle race for a record-breaking seventh straight year. He is not just a fantastic cyclist with extraordinary endurance, but he is also a survivor who has motivated countless people all around the world.

Lance Armstrong Biography

Texan Plano was the place of Lance Armstrong’s birth on September 18, 1971. His mother, Linda Mooneyham, was his primary caregiver. Lance’s father, Eddie Charles Gunderson, abandoned the family when he was two. He was given the name Lance Rentzel in honor of the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver.

Net Worth Lance Armstrong

The wholesale trader Terry Keith Armstrong, who had adopted Lance the previous year, married his mother the following year. At the age of ten, Lance started jogging and swimming. He started racing in triathlons and cycling by the age of thirteen.

Armstrong eventually narrowed his concentration to cycling alone. He was recruited to Colorado Springs to train with the United States Olympic Development Team during his senior year of high school.

Lance Armstrong Career

In 1989, Lance finished 11th in the World Championship Road Race and was crowned the Amateur National Champion of the United States. Lance participated in the 1992 Olympics and was selected to join the Motorola cycling squad despite finishing in the 14th position.

Lance Armstrong Career

Lance won the World Road Race Championship in Oslo, Norway when he was twenty-one. Lance Armstrong was given the news that he had testicular cancer in 1996. The tumor affected his lungs, lymph nodes, and abdomen. He had rigorous chemotherapy, had his testicle removed, and altered his diet to increase his likelihood of life from 65 to 85%.

His survival prospects were cut to 40% when doctors quickly discovered cancer in his brain. Lance was certified cancer-free in February 1997 with surgery to remove the tumor and another round of chemotherapy. One of the few things that kept Lance motivated during his cancer treatment was the hope that he would one day compete.

The only person who expressed this sentiment was Confidis, who also decided to break his contract with the squad. The year 1998 saw Armstrong’s comeback to cycling. He took home the gold at the 1999 Tour De Force France, making him the second American to win the event.

The following year, he would triumph once more. He would go on to perform admirably for himself in many races. He made his retirement official in 2005, but he could not follow through since, in 2009, he participated in the Tour De Force France once more and finished third. Later, Lance would take home seven medals from the Tour.

Lance Armstrong Net Worth

Lance Armstrong is a $50 million-plus American pro athlete, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. At one point, Lance was one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, frequently raking in upwards of $20 million a year in partnerships and cash prizes.

Before his problems took off, Lance continued to make about $15 million a year through speaking gigs, sponsorship deals, and partnerships for many years after his hiatus. Lance claimed to have “rescued” his financial needs during the preceding five years in a December 2018 interview with CNBC, citing his early investment in Uber.

When Uber was worth $3.7 million, Lance made a $100,000 investment in the startup. The corporation was privately valued at $120 billion as of December 2018. Following the release of this information, numerous shadier news sources obliviously published that Lance is most likely now a millionaire due to his investment in Uber.

A Bloomberg investigation revealed that Lance’s Uber stake peaked at $30 million in value. After fees, it will likely be closer to $20 million. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic return on a $100,000 investment.

When Armstrong was given a cancer diagnosis in 1996, he battled it and triumphed with the same unwavering commitment he used in competition. The Lance Armstrong Foundation aims to raise awareness about early cancer identification.

Funds to discover a cure for the illness that claims the lives of more than 500,000 people annually, Armstrong has since established himself as a leader in the cancer world.

Lance Armstrong Relationship

In June 1997, Armstrong stumbled into Kristin Richard. They were married in 1998, one year after their engagement, and had three kids. Regrettably, the partnership disintegrated in 2003. Armstrong banked sperm three years earlier, before chemotherapy and surgery, which allowed for the pregnancies.

Lance Armstrong Relationship

Lance started dating the musician Sheryl Crow in 2003. In February 2006, the pair confirmed their separation. Armstrong is married to Anna Hansen and has two children as of 2022.

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