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Larry Bird Net Worth, Bio, NBA Career, Relationship, And Awards!

Larry Bird- is a name that does not need an introduction because most people have heard this famous name. But, if you are not aware of this name or if you want to know more about the legendary athlete then scroll down to know all the facts about him. 

Larry Bird Biography

Larry Bird aka Larry Joe Bird was born in Baden Springs, Indiana on the 7th of December 1956. His father, Claude Joseph “Joe” Bird, was a veteran of the Korean War who committed suicide soon after his divorce from Larry’s mother. His mother, Georgia, worked two jobs to support her children. 

Net Worth Larry Bird

He was raised in French Lick, and his parents divorced while he was in high school. Larry began playing basketball to escape his family’s grief and became a basketball star for his school- Springs Valley High School. 

Larry Bird Career 

The school basketball leader gained the attention of Indiana University, who offered him a scholarship and an opportunity to play under their team. In 1978 his stars shone when he was offered to play for the Boston Celtics. However, the basketball champion declined the offer and continued playing the final season for Indiana State, which led the team to qualify for the NCAA title game. 

Larry Bird Career 

After playing three years for Indiana state, he entered the NBA in 1979 and immediately improved their game, leading the Celtics to a 32-win. The Great White Hope played for the Celtics for the entirety of his professional career. He led them to five NBA finals appearances and three NBA championships. 

The bird was also a member of the basketball team known as “The Dream Team,” which won the Olympic gold medal in 1992. After retiring from the sport, he became the coach and then executive of the NBA. Larry Legend was honored as one of the greatest players of all time, by being named to the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team in October 2021. 

Larry Bird Net Worth

The NBA Legend has collected an estimated net worth of $75 million as of 2022 from various sources of income- NBA salary, endorsements, coaching, media involvement, and business. When Larry ended his NBA career as a player, he had a $24 million net worth in his pocket. There is no clear information on how much he has earned from endorsements, but it was around $1 million.

Larry Bird Net worth

He signed a multiyear deal with Converse during his playing years. In addition, he signed with Footlocker, At&T, and is currently with Heinz Corporation. Larry Bird was a coach and an executive, which contributed to his net worth. Apart from his NBA career, he has a hotel about a half-mile off the Indiana University campus, and a car dealership in Indians called the Larry Bird Ford Lincoln dealership, which earned him massive wealth. 

The NBA Legend owns a car dealership, so he might have an expensive car collection. The automobiles include Ford F150 Truck costing around $40,000, an Indy Car, and a Thunderbird Mustang. The hall of fame honored had a 10,232-square-foot mansion in Indianapolis, which he sold in 2019 for $2.3 million.

Currently, Larry Bird owns a 6,000-square feet mansion in Florida, which he bought for approximately $5 million. Later, the Bird couple had it listed for sale in the market for $4.8 million. The Celtic hall of Famer also starred in several documentaries about his career and legacy, such as Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals, Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend, and others. 

Larry Bird Relationship

Larry Bird married his long-time girlfriend Dinah Mattingly in 1989. They both have known each other since their college years as they attended the same college- Indiana State University. However, it was Larry’s second marriage. He first married his high-school sweetheart Janet Condra in 1975 but got divorced within a year on 31 October 1976.

Larry Bird Relationship

The differences were major between them as the ex-couple are not on good terms with each other till now. Larry Bird has three children- Corrie, Connor, and Mariah. Corrie is his biological daughter with his first wife. And Connor and Mariah are his adopted children with Dinah. 

The relationship of the father and daughter duo is broken as Larry always neglected Corrie throughout her life, but Corrie hoped that he could be at least a part of her life. 

Larry Bird Awards

Throughout his long and well-played career, Larry Bird has achieved many awards and honors. The first NBA award he won was NBA Rookie of the year in 1980. After which, the counting of awards and honors has not stopped till now. Larry Legend was a 12-time All-Star, a two-time NBA Finals MVP, and a nine-time member of the All-NBA First Team.

Larry Bird Awards

He has consecutively won the NBA Most Valuable Player Awards from 1984 to 1986. In 1998 he was named the NBA Coach of the Year and NBA Executive of the Year in 2012, which made him the only player in the NBA’s history who won those two awards and the MVP award. 

Bottom Line

The 65-year-old never let his grief and pain come his way. Instead, he let his hunger for the best reach him to the height of success. He achieved such fame that people remember his games.

Larry Bird Height And Weight

The Hick from French Lick is 6 feet 9 cm tall with 100 kg of weight. 

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