Is Leslie Mann Still Married To Judd Apatow? Net Worth 2022, Kids, Movies

Judd Apatow is one of the most famous American film directors who has achieved great heights of success. He is a unique person who has delivered unique content to the audience in the form of television shows and movies.

He has become a reputed name in Hollywood. There is technically a lot to know about him. He is the best person who is an inspiration to most people. In such a situation, it becomes important to unfold a certain perspective of his life.

Judd Apatow Early Life 

He was born on 6th December 1967 in the family of flushing queens. He even moved to New York after that. Not much information is available concerning his parents, except that his parents supported him in all the ventures of his life.

Is Leslie Mann Still Married To Judd Apatow, His  Net Worth 2022, Kids, Movies

He did his first stand-up radio show at the age of 16. At the age of 18, he started doing stand-up comedy. After completing his high school education and graduating from the University of South California, he devoted his time to acting and directing.

Date of birth6th December 1967
Height1.78 m
Weight70 kg
ProfessionFilm Director, Producer, Comedian
Net worth $150 million
Zodiac signSagittarius


Judd Apatow has a unique talent for direction. That is why nothing could stop him from becoming one of the biggest directors. Initially, he was only known for his comedy, but he stepped into the world of becoming a director over some time.

He decided to produce only soft comedies and romantic movies initially. But at least four movies of his back-to-back were a huge flop. But he did not give up even despite losing a lot of money. 

He decided to improve his content and ultimately became the best director in Hollywood. He also started his own production house named Apatow production. He has produced at least eight movies in that production house.

All of these movies have been massive hits at the box office. He also started to produce television series. His television series has been very successful as well. After developing the ott platform, he also decided to produce web shows. All of the movies and the web shows released on the ott platforms were equally successful and unique. 

Richest Director 

He has been such a successful director that it would not be wrong to conclude that he is also the richest. According to the latest sources, he has been able to own a huge amount of net worth of 150 million dollars.

His major source of income comes from his movies and the investment that he holds in different types of assets like debentures and cryptocurrencies. He has also invested in many startup companies, and that investment is helping him out in many ways.

Judd Apatow Wife

This 53-year-old director is known for many controversies when it comes to relationships. He was involved in many affairs before getting married to his lady love, Leslie Mann. He has also been blessed with two children. The names of his children are Iris and Maudy. He has been enjoying perfect family life with them. This is the best part about his personality, which has inspired a lot of people.


It is important to mention that there is a lot to learn from this person. He has always been an inspiration for the upcoming generation.


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