Liam Payne Shows Off His Moves, In Front Of His New Girlfriend Aliana Mawla

On Monday, Liam Payne made his initial appearance with his new girlfriend Aliana Mawla, weeks after breaking off his engagement to Texan model Maya Henry.

Liam Payne’s Love Life

The earlier One Direction start was sported walking was arm in arm with the good-looking brunette, who bears an outstanding resemblance to his former fiancée, after arriving at the Heathrow Airport.

In Front Of His New Girlfriend Aliana Mawla, Liam Payne Shows Off His Moves

For their outing, Aliana wore a cute white crop top with the jogger and a pair of casual joggers. Whereas, she completed her look with a pair of white sneakers and a mint green Chanel handbag.

The new astonishing couple looked exhausted as they made their way around the terminal following an eventful flight from Los Angeles, throughout which a shirtless Liam has made the doubtful decision to share a video of himself stretching his overwhelming abs.

What Does Aliana Mawla Do For a Living?

Aliana Mawla is a prominent American model by profession. At the moment, she stays in Los Angeles. Although, presently she has more than 300k followers on the social media platform Instagram.

When we scrolled through the feed of Aliana Mawla, we found many images of her from her trips all over the globe, pictures of her with her close friends, and a few promotional posts for brands like Blush Mark and Fashion Nova.

Liam Payne And Texan Model Maya Henry Ended Their Engagement

Liam and Maya first met all the way back in 2015, when the model attended a One Direction meet and greet, but their romance didn’t start until a few years later.

In 2018 Liam Payne was rumored to have begun dating Maya just a few weeks after his separation from Cheryl Cole. The pair were speckled going on a number of dates across London.

It was then thought that they separated up briefly, before getting back together in the summer of 2019. The pair confirmed their relationship openly for the first time in August 2019, and in September Maya shared a picture of her and Liam cuddling on her social media platform Instagram.

They continued to attend events together and shared loved-up images on social media, but less than a year after going public they were reported to have separated in February 2020.

Reports of their relationship were incompatible, with one source telling The Sun: “Things between Liam and Maya had been rocky presently and they eventually decided to call it a day.”

Meanwhile, another source told Mail: “Maya and Liam are certainly still a couple and are very pleased together.”

However, the split rumors were put to rest when in August 2020 the pair confirmed their engagement, and Maya was visualized wearing a ring reported to be worth a massive £3million. But in June 2021, just nine months later, the pair called off the engagement and publicized that they had separated again.

In August 2021 rumors disseminated that the pair had reconciled and this was confirmed in September when they looked on the red carpet together.

But less than a year after reunifying, the pair have now split again. We wish Aliana Mawla and Liam Payne nothing but the finest of everything.


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