Liam Payne Is Upset About Cheating Allegations Against Maya Henry

Liam Payne and Aliana Mawla called off their engagement less than a month before Maya Henry began drawing attention to pictures of the two on the internet cuddling. It’s been revealed exclusively by a former One Direction bandmate that a long time ago, Liam and his ex-girlfriend ended their relationship, and yet the former One Direction member is being wrongfully accused of cheating.

It’s understandable that he’s bothered by this, but he’s certain that the people in his life are aware of the reality and have a heart of pure gold in them. Liam, 28, and Aliana, 24, were spotted walking hand in hand at Heathrow Airport in London on May 24 despite the fact that Liam has made no public announcements about the end of his relationship with Maya, 21.

Liam Reacts To The False Acquisition, That He And Aliana Mawla Pictured Together At The Airport

The plus-size model, who appeared in Liam Payne and J Balvin’s 2018 music video for “Familiar,” showed off her curves in a white crop top that bared her tummy. When their luggage arrived, the hot and heavy couple “struggled to keep their hands off each other” as they waited.

Liam Payne Is Upset About Cheating Allegations Against Maya Henry

This news will certainly enrage Aliana’s ex-fiancée, given that she earlier acknowledged that she found it “hard” to hear that Liam was heading to London with Aliana.

Fans who took a snapshot of Maya’s post, in which she expressed her displeasure at seeing Liam and Aliana hugging, have now deleted it. As much as I appreciate your kindness, I would appreciate it if you could refrain from giving me any more images of my fiancée holding hands with another woman. “I can’t describe how glad I am.” It is difficult to comprehend that something has happened, especially when it doesn’t concern me. “

Who Is Aliana Mawla?

On May 23, a photo of Liam and Aliana was posted on a fan site that triggered her choice to leave a comment. Then she added, “Enough now,” in a follow-up post. When Liam claimed he was sorry to end their relationship, he was aware that things had changed and that things would not work going forward in the same way they had before.

In the wake of Liam’s emotional response to the accusations of infidelity against him, his representative informed the public that the two had broken up more than a month earlier. In 2018, Liam and Maya were romantically linked, and this is not the first time they have split up.


Around the time of the couple’s initial breakup, Liam admitted on The Diary of a CEO that he just wasn’t very good at relationships. He despised himself because he didn’t know how to authentically represent who he was. As a result, Liam openly stated to the cameras that “I’ve just not been good at relationships”

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