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Marquise Jackson Net Worth, Career, Dating, Bio!

Marquise Jackson was born on October 13, 1997. His status as a famous family member has helped him gain widespread fame. In the 50 Cent: The New Breed episode “Wanksta,” he appeared. Currently, Marquise Jackson is 24 years old. 

All You Need To Know About Marquise Jackson Net Worth, Age, Bio!

The 24-year-old is a relative who was born in California, USA grew up playing basketball on his path to becoming a standout prep school player at St John’s Military Academy.

All You Need To Know About Marquise Jackson Net Worth, Age, Bio

Both his father’s 50 Cent: The New Breed and the short documentary A Portrait of an Artist: The Making of ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ include him.

Full NameMarquise Jackson
ProfessionActor, Rapper
Source Of IncomeMusic & Acting career
ResidenceCalifornia, United States
Date of Birth13 October 1997
Age25 years
Marital StatusSingle
EducationSt. John Military Academy
Girlfriend/SpouseTyler Royale
Wealth TypeSelf-Made

Key Facts About Marquise Jackson

  • His birth affected 50 Cent’s life: The birth of Marquise rocked 50 Cent’s world. Later, he gave credit to his son for inspiring him to pursue a new path in his profession. He was so devoted that he had an axe with the word “Marquise” tattooed on his bicep as a constant reminder of his affection.
  • He was a fashion model for his father’s label: Nowadays, if you’re the kid of a famous person, you’ll almost certainly be walking the runway at some point. To that end, Marquise is not unique. Marquise used to be a regular model for 50 Cent’s G-unit clothing line before things got tense between him and his father. 
  • Neither he nor 50 Cent has any love for one another: While 50 Cent’s life may have improved after the birth of his daughter Marquise, the positive feelings between the two quickly faded. When Marquise turned 15, the problems began. The adolescent made a massive mistake by not being there to greet his father when he arrived after inviting him over to hang out. 
  • His dad couldn’t care less if he got hit by a bus or not: Telling your 15-year-old son to erase your number is awful. It’s far worse to tell your 21-year-old son that you wouldn’t care if he gets hit by a bus. 
  • 50 Cent would pick 6ix9ine over him: If declaring he wouldn’t care if his son was run over by a bus wasn’t enough to win him a parent of the year award, Fiddy’s earlier statements won’t get him any closer. As he revealed his true colors during an April Instagram Live session, the rapper has established his genuine loyalties.
  • He’s dropped a song about his dad: Whether or not Fiddy approves, Marquise followed in his father’s footsteps into the music industry in 2017. The two were heavily discussed in his song “Different,” and Marquise’s feelings on the matter may be gleaned from the phrase, “Lost my pops, he’s still living.” In an interview with TMZ, however, Marquise said that the song had much more profound significance than the general public realizes.
  • His dad was his hero: It is said that you should never meet your heroes. Who knows how you’d do that if your dad was your hero? Marquise looked up to 50 when he was young. When he hit his teenage years, things between them started to go downhill quickly. When asked about his childhood heroes, he said, “My dad was my superhero,” as reported by Rap-Up in 2017.

Marquise Jackson Net Worth

He retired with a substantial fortune thanks to his fruitful career. His true wealth, however, is being evaluated at this time. Furthermore, his father has a worth of roughly $30 million.

Marquise Jackson Net Worth

Where Was Marquise Jackson Born?

  • On October 13, 1996, in the United States, Marquise Jackson was born. His birth name was Marquise Jackson. He was born in the United States. Jackson is a Libra born of African ancestry.
  • Marquise was the privileged child of affluent parents and achieved fame and fortune in her own right. 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins and his father, rapper Curtis James Jackson III, are the parents of 50 Cent’s oldest son (mother). Both his father and mother had impressive entertainment resumes; he inherited their talents.
  • Mia Jackson, his mother’s sister, and Sire Jackson, his father’s half-brother, are his biological siblings. Eventually, Tompkins filed a $50 million lawsuit against Jackson, saying he had refused to provide for her indefinitely.
  • The judge dismissed the complaint, which comprised 15 causes of action. Because their relationship is sour and they have been fighting for years, they have taken their battle to social media on numerous occasions.
  • Marquise was a famous prep school basketball player who grew up playing the sport. He starred for St. John’s Military Academy. His youth was unique since he had a sneak peek at the future of his connection with his father. Since he hailed from a musical background, music had always held a special place in his heart.

Marquise Jackson Career

With the release of “Different,” Marquise Jackson officially entered the music world. In addition, he has appeared in “50 Cent: The New Breed” and “A Portrait of an Artist: The Making of ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” based on his father’s life and work.

Dope Fiend was the 2017 film in which Marquise starred. Diss recordings about his father might be found in “Just Another Freestyle” and “Follow Your Heart.”

Marquise Jackson Career

Who Is Marquise Jackson Dating?

As per the current record, Marquise is single. The singer Tyler Royale is rumored to have been an ex-girlfriend. Presently, he shares a home with his mother and sister, with whom he is said to be particularly close.

How Tall Is Marquise Jackson?

Marquise Jackson is a guy to behold, black and dashing in his twenties. He keeps his muscular body in excellent condition. Also, he is exceptionally tall, measuring 5 feet and 9 inches.

Marquise Jackson Hobbies

Since he was a kid, Marquise’s favorite sport has been basketball. At 16, he was the finest player at St. John Military Academy, due to his dedication and enthusiasm for the game.

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Marquise Feud With His Father

Although 50 Cent has his son’s name (Marquise) tattooed on his bicep, his relationship with Marquise has been rocky since 2008.

When Marquise was ten years old in the spring of 2008, he and his father began to argue. Shaniqua Thompson said that her ex-husband, 50 Cent, had promised to give her the $4 million property owned by Curtis Jackson on Long Island.

Despite the purported agreement, 50 Cent allegedly attempted to evict her as soon as they were legally separated, resulting in numerous lawsuits and protracted legal proceedings.

Someone deliberately set fire to the contested mansion in a promising act that occurred on May 30. Shaniqua claimed that 50 Cent intentionally started the fire when he and Marquise were out trying to kill her, even though 50 Cent was in Arizona filming a movie. Marquise’s father threatened to cut him out of his will, and the two haven’t been on good terms since. 

In 2020, 50 Cent reignited the feud between him and his kid with a condescending comment made during a live Instagram post.

50 Cent was asked if he has spoken to Tekashi 6ix9ine since his release from jail, and he said, “no.” He went on to say that whether or not Tekashi had snitched, it didn’t matter because Tekashi was superior to Marquise. 

On another occasion, when 50 Cent was performing in front of a live crowd rather than behind the scenes, Marquise was not allowed behind and was instead relegated to the audience.

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