When Will Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2 Release? See Cast, Plot, And Trailer

The incredible drama series Masamune Kun No Revenge was successful in leaving a prominent effect on the minds of the viewers since 2017. The anime’s first season came on various Japanese channels and impressed hundreds of audiences with the captivating storyline.

Are There Any Plans To Release Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2?

To double up the happiness of the loyal fans, there is a high chance of the show coming back. Get only the updated news about Masamune Kun No Revenge about the telecasting of a new season here.

When Will Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2 Release

Combination of Many Volumes In One Season

The first season of the anime included 6 volumes of the manga series. The fans eagerly wait to see the adapted versions of more volumes in Season 2. Therefore, there are high possibilities that the show will return with a bang.

Moreover, the new season will have loads of surprises and many more adventures to keep the viewers engaged. It does not mean that only kids will love such a lovely animated series. Hundreds of adults also appreciated the incredible graphics and picturization of the series.

Many online sources confirmed that a Season 2 would soon come on any web platform. However, the makers have not made any announcement in connection with this.

A reasonable extension is predictable between any anime series. Moreover, it will not be impractical to think that the COVID-19 pandemic forced the makers to delay the release.

Trailer, Cast, and Plot

No trailers are available on any platform for the second season of Masamune Kun No Revenge. The probable release date will be sometime in 2022.

Till then, you have to keep on checking the updates so as not to miss the first episode of Season 2.

Season 1 gave only an abrupt ending without letting the audience obtain a proper answer to all their queries. Therefore, the prediction for another season is quite normal.

The incredible cast will most probably remain the same in this season also. However, you can definitely expect more twists and turns this time.

The performances of various characters like Makabe Masamune, Futaba Tae, Shuri Kojr, Kanetsugu Gas Co. Ltd, Adagaki Aki, and more will make a special place in your heart.


The plot is highly interesting, with so many interesting characters making a come-back. Although the humor is still present, the story of Season 2 is going to be a tale of revenge. The story started with Masamune and his love interest Aki Adagaki.

However, Aki rejected this young boy for being fat. The game-changing event was when Masamune worked very hard to transform into a handsome guy. Things went smoothly as Masamune forgot his childhood crush and became the heartthrob in high school.

However, he was taken aback after discovering Aki in the new boarding school. He decided to take revenge for the humiliation that he faced so many years before on the spot.

Masamune’s wicked plan was to make Aki attracted to him and dump her. However, in reality, events did not occur as per the plan.

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