The Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Matthew Broderick; Net Worth, Movies, Wife, Broadway, Age, Kids

Matthew is popularly known as the voice behind Simba from the Lion King. He’s also very famous for acting in one of the greatest comedy movies, “Ferris Bueller’s day off” in 1986.

The Story Of Matthew Broderick

He’s also one of the rare actors who became famous in stage productions and then made a name for himself in the big movies. He is one of the very famous actors who is very close to my heart and has lived up to his name. 

Matthew Broderick Net Worth, Movies, Wife, Broadway, Age, Kids

Matthew Broderick has been nominated for multiple awards globally regarding his excellent acting skills and some of his albums. He has also become one of the famous actors on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in 2006.

Personal life of Matthew

Matthew was born on 21st March 1962 as the son of his mother, Patricia, and father, James Broderick. The career of acting was simply a matter of inheritance for him as both his parents were highly involved in the theatre and stage show industry. His father, James, owned a show business in the city of Manhattan as well as he was a well-respected actor.

His mother, Patricia, was also an actor and a playwright. Matthew also got involved in acting from an early age when he joined the Walden School in Manhattan, where acting used to be a very strictly enforced and effective program. He slowly began developing his excellent acting skills. 

In the early 90s, he got a lot of promising opportunities in his career as an actor. During this time only he did his most famous voiceover of adult Simba for the world-famous movie “The Lion King”. He, later on, did many more voiceovers in films such as “The thief and the Cobbler”. 

Later on, he returned to music productions in 1991, where he did his famous show “How to Succeed in Business without really trying?” which later earned him the renowned Tony Award. He also got a Tony’s award for his stage show in “The Producers”.

Matthew Broderick’S Net worth

Matthew Broderick has excelled a lot in his career as an actor and has earned a lot of money for his talent.

He is currently said to have an estimated net worth of about 45 million dollars. He gained a lot of wealth through his stage and film productions.

Wife and family about Matthew Broderick

Matthew got married to Torah Jessica Parker back in 1997, and they have been together since. Their marriage has been over 20 years now, and they got three lovely children. The first of their son was born back in 2002, named James Wilkie Broderick, and they, later on, welcomed their twin daughters into their life back in 2009.


Matthew Broadrick is an outstanding actor who is world-famous for his acting skills as well as for doing voiceovers in the film “The Lion King”. He also has a very great and beautiful family and has been living a pretty good life.


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