Radio Host Max Fosh Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Youtube, Girlfriend

Max Fosh is a British YouTuber, radio personality, and social media star. He became a household name after appealing to be the richest person in the world for just seven minutes. Unlimited Money Ltd was the name he gave to his start-up business, which he promptly shuttered.

Exact Age And Height Of Max Fosh; Net Worth And Girlfriend

The British YouTube comedian Max Fosh is well-known. His previous name was “StreetSmart.” He set up Unlimited Money Ltd., but he later decided to shut it down because of financial difficulties. Max Fosh (born April 3, 1995) is an English actor.

Radio Host Max Fosh Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Youtube, Girlfriend

Maximilian Arthur Fosh’s full name is Maximilian Fosh. He went to Harrow School in London, where he received his secondary education, and then went on to study at Newcastle University.

Date of birthApril 3, 1995
Height6 ft 3.5 in
Weight76 kg
ProfessionRadio host, Youtuber
Net Worth$500,000
Zodiac SignAries

A rising star on the video-sharing platform, Max debuted in 2017 and has since become one of its most recognizable faces. He recorded interviews with people he met while on the road and put them online. A lot of people started watching his videos because of their uniqueness.

Max Fosh Youtube channel

In 2018, Max Fosh won the Best Newcomer award at the National Hospital Radio Awards. He has also performed in front of a crowd of 5,000 people.

For the time being, his base of operations is located in London, England. One of the YouTube stars he’s met is Niko Omilana. As of July 2011, he had over 36k followers on Twitter and had sent out over 1.1k tweets.

Is Max Fosh Rich? His Salary

By Socialblade’s estimates, he has about five million views per month. According to our estimates, he makes around $12,000 per month from advertisements.

Aside from that, he also includes paid material in his videos. Curve and Pouch are just a couple of the well-known companies with which he’s worked. On the other hand, his sponsorship earnings are kept private, so we don’t know what they are.

Max Fosh Age and childhood

After only a few days, the government approved the takeover of Max Fosh, a company with 10 billion shares. His firm’s name is ‘Unlimited Money Ltd’. Elon Musk’s net worth could theoretically be exceeded by him in a nine-minute video he explains in the video.

It was his goal to sell every share of his company for 50 pounds, which would value the company at 500 billion pounds.

Max Fosh Net Worth

Max Fosh is worth $500,000, according to public records (estimated). Many people wanted to know how much money he was worth after learning the market value of his company. His total wealth, on the other hand, is less than $1 million.

A Little About Him

According to online rumors, he is dating Serena Hughson. His exact relationship status is unknown to us. Max Fosh is a fascinating person. Newcastle University is where he earned his bachelor’s degree. The vlogs on the Max Fosh YouTube channel have made him famous.

As a result of this change, he had doubled the number of subscribers at the end of the year. A few of his videos have amassed millions of views due to the novelty of their content. He was unable to post much in Q2 2020 because of the shutdown and pandemic.


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