What Happened To Mike Holmes’s Wife? Mike Holmes Age, Net Worth, Kids, Girlfriend, Accident

Mike Holmes is a household name in the business world. One of the most prominent philanthropists of our day is the Canadian businessman and builder/contractor/investor/tv personality. Holmes on Homes is the name of his first television show, which follows him as he protects homeowners from bad work.

Do You Know If Mike Holmes Is Engaged?

It’s easy to overlook structural decay, hazardous wiring and insulation, lead paint, and mildew when the clean surfaces are removed. Make It Right means doing whatever is necessary, even if that includes demolishing a house.

Mike Holmes's Wife, Age, Net Worth,  Kids, Girlfriend, Accident

During his many appearances on television, he’s used this same routine over and over again.

Date of birthJuly 25th, 1989
Height1.85 m
Weight83 kg
Net worth$35 million
Zodiac signLeo

Mike Holmes Childhood And Schooling

When Mike was a child, he was raised by members of his family in Canada, the country where he was born and reared. His mother is a homemaker, and his father is a businessman in the construction industry. He was clearly raised as an only child who was lavished with love and attention, as can be seen from the overall picture. Fortunately, he was able to complete most of his requirements without problem.

A few years after completing his degree in construction management at East York Collegiate Institute, Mike found work as an apprentice carpenter in Toronto. Holmes has a well-known ABCD in construction because of his early training in the sector.


Mike Holmes was destined to be a movie star because of his innate talent and charisma. Since he was a small child, Mike has been polishing his fundamental abilities. His choice to create a contracting company with 13 individuals at the age of 19 was a risky one, given his age. A new height was reached each time Holmes made progress.

The foundation for Mike’s success was laid when he started his own restoration firm at the tender age of 21. It was a slow and steady improvement in Mike’s circumstances, however.

Since its founding in 2006, the Holmes Foundation has provided educational and outreach opportunities to help young people consider careers in the construction industry. Children’s rights are also a focus of the organization’s initiatives.

If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, you may not be aware that he is also an author. Canadian Safety Association, Ontario Building Inspectors Association, and Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors have invited him to speak as a guest speaker.

Do You Think Mike Holmes Has A Wife And Children?

An automobile accident claimed the life of Mike’s first wife, Alex Lorex. He had to let go of his business and other assets during the 1990s Great Depression.

Mike Holmes Children

Mike Holmes and Alexandra Lorex had three children together in their first marriage. It’s no problem for Mike to get along with the kids. In the same month that his son, Mike Holmes Jr., sealed the wedding, he married Lisa Grant, his longtime fiancée.

At a time when the television show Holmes Inspection was still in its infancy, Sherry Holmes, his daughter, began working as a production assistant on the show in 2009. During her time as a guest star on Holmes on Homes, she starred in a number of reality TV shows. Until the end of the 2019 season, she worked in the show’s art department.

Mike Holmes Net Worth

Mike Holmes has an estimated net worth of $30 million, based on public records. Home improvement is part of his day job as well as his day job on Canadian television as “The Renovation Guy.” Mike’s father began teaching him the basics of construction when he was just six years old.

Because you’ve read this far, you must already know that Mike Holmes is an excellent writer. The actor has been nominated for a number of additional honors in addition to his work on the screen. When he was in his early twenties, he founded a contracting company with a workforce of 13 employees.

When he was barely 21 years old, he started his own renovation company. He ran two businesses over his 20-year contracting career. Aside from working as extras and guests on the show, his three children have also participated as extras and guests.

In 2012, she added the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal to her amazing collection of honors. Both of these honors were added in 2013: she was named patron of the Royal Canadian Regiment.


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