Fornite x Marvel Zero War’s New Spider-Man Game Costume Revealed!!

Any other Marvel hero has had more costume changes than Spider-Man, second only to Iron Man, who has a wardrobe that could fill many stories of Avengers Tower if it were possible. He’ll get another chance, though, thanks to his star power in the upcoming Marvel/Fortnite crossover Zero War.

Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, and Sergio Davila have released the following ahead of the release of the first issue of the Fortnite x Marvel miniseries tomorrow.

Spiderman’s New Updated Suit By Fornite Revealed “Zero”

Zero War will feature Spider-Man donning a new “Zero” outfit, as announced by Marvel. To redeem the claim in Fortnite, readers will need to purchase the original print run of issue one, as well as the case. There will be a case in the game’s store at some point.

Spider-Game Men’s Clothing Through Fornite x Marvel As a result of the “Nexus War” event, the minds of original Fortnite gamers became mush due to a previous tie-in for an Avengers season of aesthetic unlocks in metaverse shooter. Since then, a slew of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and comic-book tie-ins have made their way into the game’s roster of playable characters.

Fornite x Marvel Zero War's New Spider-Man Game Costume Revealed!!

Marvel and Fortnite have already collaborated on events outside of the game. When Gage worked at DC Comics and developed Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, Zero aims to recreate that success with Fortnite.

What this means is that Peter Parker’s symbiote suit is going to look drastically different in the future, which you can see in Ron Lim and Israel Silva’s tribute to Mike Zeck and John Beatty on the Secret Wars cover:

Even though it’s just a model for Spider-Armor, it’s clearly a reincarnation of Peter’s previous armor designs. The padded armor sections resemble a number of prior Spider-Armors, particularly the anti-Sinister Six Mk. III, which was originally seen in 1999. Instead of being an all-armored suit, it gives off the vibe of a tactical case.

It’s a fascinating new look for Peter that combines Peter’s costume legacy with the ever-changing battle royale world he will encounter in Fortnite. It’s not too heavy for the agile hero, like Spider-Man, but has enough padding for the world of Fortnite, where the poor man is going to be shot at, drafted, or occasionally lightsaber red; it’s a nice new style for Peter that fits both.


Some components of the video game and the comic book will appear in the final issue, according to Gage’s recent interview with IGN.


In most cases, the comic and events game are two independent battlegrounds in the same struggle. However, the plot in either media is not necessary to comprehend what is going on in the other medium; rather, the questions that gamers could have fun with are addressed in the comic and vice versa.

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