Nick Cannon Confirms He’s Expecting More Babies In 2022!! Here Is The Fact!

Nick Cannon, who has had seven children, says he plans to have more. It was just in January of this year that Nick Cannon announced that he is expecting his eighth child.

A new controversy has erupted around American television star Nick Cannon after he said that he is expecting three children this year at the very least. In total, the American actor, rapper, and television host have seven children. He announced his eighth child’s impending arrival in January of this year. A total of three children were born to Nick and Abby De La Rosa in the year 2021. Zion and Zillion were born to Rosa last year.

Nick Cannon Confirms He’s Expecting More Babies In 2022!!

Nick and Model Alyssa Scott welcomed their first child together, a son, Zion, last year. Nick and Bre Tiesi, a model, are expecting their seventh child together. Bre and Cannon are expecting their first and ninth children, respectively, with this new arrival. He married singer Mariah Carey in 2008, but the couple divorced in 2016 after eight years of marriage.

Nick Cannon Confirms He’s Expecting More Babies In 2022!! Here Is The Fact!

On Tuesday’s Lip Service Podcast, the actor revealed that he and his wife are expecting yet another child this year. According to reports, the 41-year-old actor responded to the rumors by joking, “There are three babies on the way,” adding, “When you say ‘on the way…’ In what category do you find yourself? Storks are coming, so let’s just say it this way: ” “I don’t know, it may be…,” Cannon responded when the host of a podcast on the other side inquired about the three newborns.

Nick Cannon gave birth to twins Zion and Zillion in June 2021, and they are now 11 months old. Zen Scott, the 5-month-old son of Nick and Alyssa Scott, died in December after a long battle with brain cancer. A podcast interview with him also included an account of an occasion in which his therapist ordered him to abstain from all sexual activity. The actor said that his therapist had asked him to relax, to which Nick replied, “Let’s practice celibacy,” in reference to the episode. That’s when he said, “And it was like October of that year.” In fact, I didn’t make it to the end of January at all. I was meant to be the year’s best performer. Then, of course, I began sorting through my personal belongings.” When he lost his 5-month-old son, he discussed his mental state. “The death of my son made me depressed,” he remarked. In December, I was in such a bad mood that everyone could see it. Everybody was of the opinion that “simply giving him a little vagina will fix everything.”

Continuing his previous remark, Cannon said he ended his celibacy just before the holiday season arrived. He also admitted that he gets nervous when he thinks about the birth of his child with Tiesi. He added: “You just stay in prayer and you stay in agreement with your partner to make sure everything is a blessing and runs well. ” Stay focused on God.”

Instagram is where Nick Cannon spends most of his time. He frequently posts pictures of himself and his family, which he refers to as his “bundle of joy.”

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