Who Is Nikki Bella Married Too? Net Worth, Age, Husband And Ex-Husband, Children, Sister

Nikki Bella is a courageous fighter. Rack Attack 2.0 is her signature move, and she stands at 5’6″. Bella was a three-time Diva of the Year winner, having won the title in 2013 and 2015.

Who is Nikki Bella? Nikki Bella’s New Husband Name

Nikki Bella had a brief relationship with John Cena, a well-known celebrity, but is now dating another person.

 Nikki Bella ,Net Worth, Age, Husband And Ex-Husband, Children, Sister

Nikki is a tough competitor who isn’t afraid to test the limits of what is possible. It’s okay to dismiss Nikki Bella but do so at your peril since she’s the real deal when sorting out the contenders from the pretenders.

Age and education of Nikki Bella  

San Diego, California, is her birthplace, where she was born on November 21st, 1983. In terms of age, she’s 39. Being a citizen of the United States, Nikki has a mixed ethnic background. She had Italian and Mexican ancestry.

Date of birthNovember 21st, 1983
FatherJon Garcia
MotherKathy Colace
ProfessionProfessional wrestler
Net worth$5 million

Her father is Jon Garcia, and Kathy Colace is her mother. She has her own family. As a child, she was enamored with the sport. She and her twin sister used to play together in elementary school. At Chaparral High School, where she had previously been a student, she graduated in 2002.

Grossmont College, where she was a soccer team member, beckoned her back to San Diego. While working as a waiter at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles, she searched for an agency.

Nikki Bella’s Career

 Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50 ranked Bella at the top in November 2015, and Rolling Stone named her the Diva of the Year in December 2015. Teen Choice Award for Favorite Female Athlete was also given to her younger sister in 2016.

She went on to work as a model, actress, and in advertising after that. She appeared on national television for the first time on Fox’s reality show, Meet My Folks.

They were also appointed as Budweiser’s World Cup Twins and were photographed carrying the World Cup trophy as part of their campaign. “Body Doubles Twins Quest” in 2006 featured Nikki and her sister Brie.


Both Nikki Bella and Brie did try out for the 2006 WWE Diva Search but were not chosen for further consideration. Nicole + Brizee, a body and beauty line, was founded by Nikki and Brie afterward. In 2019, they started a podcast of their own. Nikki has also appeared in a whopping eleven different WWE video games.

Nikki Bella’s husband and kids

When Artem Chigvintsev proposed in November 2019, she said yes. John Cena proposed to her at WrestleMania 33 in 2017, and she accepted, but the relationship broke up less than a year later. Dolph Ziggler was also her boyfriend. She and Chigvintsev were expecting their first child together in July 2020.

How much money does Nikki Bella earn per year?

 Her salary and net worth are frequently discussed among Her followers. Nikki Bella’s net worth is unknown to us, and she makes quite a bit of money from her work. She is a former professional wrestler in the United States with a fortune estimated at $5 million. 


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