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House Of The Dragon Actress Olivia Cooke Net Worth, Relationship, And Career!

Among the English actresses, Olivia Cooke is also quite famous worldwide. However, she is more prevalent in drama and horror series. Furthermore, the thriller stories also get a great response due to the fabulous performances of Olivia. She gained fame mainly from Bates Motel, a top-rated thriller cum drama series. Later, she became successful through several other works and became a gem in the entertainment industry.

Cookie did exceptionally well in different modes of entertainment. Therefore, you can enjoy her skills in movies and television similarly. Moreover, nowadays, she is ready to entertain the audience through some brilliant web series. The story of her early life and personal affairs will undoubtedly attract you to read the content below. Then, follow the page to learn further updates about the incredible lady.

Olivia Cooke Biography

Olivia Cooke is a young artist and 28 years old as of 2022. Olivia’s full name is Olivia Kate Cooke. Her birthday falls on 27th December. Moreover, the year of birth is 1993. John Cooke, a police officer, and Lindsay Wilde, a sales representative, share the parenthood of this lovely girl. The family comes from Greater Manchester’s Oldham. Unfortunately, the little girl experienced the divorce of her parents and used to live with her mother.

Net Worth Olivia Cooke

From the age of eight years, Olivia became interested in doing drama in different programs at her school. First, she received fabulous acting lessons from Oldham Theatre Workshop. Royton and Crompton Academy is its school of Olivia. After this, he also attended the drama college of Oldham Sixth Form College. Prom: The Musical is the first play where Olivia worked to begin her career in acting. It was Cinderella’s remake, and as a lead actress, Cooke was great.

Olivia Cooke Career

Olivia started acting in childhood and first came to the stage during one of the drama programs at her acting school. When finishing the A-levels of the drama college, she starred in Blackout. Furthermore, in West Side Story, one of the personal productions of her college, her performance as Maria attracted many viewers. Finally, with the help of a local agent, Cooke did some commercials at the age of 14.

Olivia Cooke Career

In 2012, people came to know Olivia’s name with three mini-series under the banner of BBC. Thus, her initial acting career involved both theaters and television shows. However, she preferred doing series for TV more than the theaters. Sundance Film Festival honored her for the feature film titled The Signal. It was a great moment for the actress and her co-stars in 2014.

Cooke’s Sound of Metal, a drama movie, captivated audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival of 2019. Moreover, she also did a romantic comedy series on Amazon Prime Video recently.

Olivia Cooke Net Worth

The estimated figure for the net worth of Olivia Cooke is $4 million. Undoubtedly, she primarily earns from her acting profession. She made a considerable amount by working on one of the popular shows on Apple TV. In this series titled Slow Horses, she played the character of an M15 agent. Moreover, the fantastic career of this brilliant actress lets her enjoy an extravagant lifestyle.

Olivia Cooke Net Worth

Her house is definitely a superb mansion with many spectacles at every corner. Cooke conducted various travel ideas and enjoyed herself thoroughly in her gorgeous car. The trips were indeed top class, and the collection and number of trips show how much she earns from her incredible acting skills. Before 2022, the average net worth was $2 million.

Thus, the amount is eventually increasing at an astonishing speed.

Olivia Cooke Relationship

Olivia Cooke is currently having an affair with Ben Hardy. The couple started dating in 2020. Till now, they are together and have several posts on their social media handles. Before Hardy, Cooke dated many other famous personalities. She was involved with Christopher Abbott in 2015. The relationship continued for only one year.

Olivia Cooke Relationship

In 2020, she finally moved to London from New York, is unmarried, and is currently staying in the UK. But the fans are eager to know the date of her marriage soon.

Olivia Cooke Awards and Honors

Olivia received many awards and honors and occupied a permanent place in the hearts of her fans.

Olivia Cooke Awards and Honors

Some prestigious accolades include the Hawaii Film Critics Society, IMDb Awards, Empire Awards, International Online Cinema Awards, Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, and many more.

Apart from acting, Olivia also took an active part in one of the campaigns of 2014 with the intention to support Save The Children. Multiple Bulgari advertisements were released to fulfill this campaign by featuring Cooke.

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