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What Happened To Ozzy Osbourne? Net Worth, Wife, Height

John Michael Osbourne is better known by his stage name Ozzy Osbourne. He is a Grammy Award-winning musician. He rose to fame as the frontman of the hard rock group Black Sabbath.

The musician overcame a number of issues from his early years. It is to become one of the most well-known hard rock performers of his age. He did not complete his studies. It is due to his dyslexia in school and the need to support his family.

Together with Geezer Butler, he started his first band. It is called Rare Breed, but the group disbanded after just two shows.

What Happened To Ozzy Osbourne? Net Worth, Wife, Height

They then gathered the musicians Tony Iommi and Bill Ward to create the group Earth. In the end, they changed the group’s name to Black Sabbath. They then chose to concentrate on heavy blues music with depressing lyrics and music.

What Happened To Ozzy Osbourne

Black Sabbath is the band’s debut album. It became an immediate hit and peaked at number eight on the British album charts. Both Master of Reality and Paranoid, their two quickly following albums, were huge hits with fans.

Master of Reality achieved double platinum status. Despite being a successful musician, Osbourne battled addiction for most of his life.

Ozzy Osbourne Early Life

England’s Birmingham was the birthplace of John Michael Osbourne on December 3, 1948. He has three older sisters and two younger siblings. He has been called Ozzy since he was in elementary school.

He attributes his desire to become a musician to the Beatles and the song She Loves You from 1963. He dropped out of school when he was 15 years old. He started working odd jobs like laborer on a building site, trainee plumber, apprentice toolmaker, & horn-tuner in a car factory.

Geezer Butler enlisted Osbourne to sing for the band Rare Breed in the latter part of 1967.

NameOzzy Osbourne
Date Of Birth3 December 1948
Birth PlaceAston, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Net Worth$220 million
WifeThelma Riley
Height5 ft 10 inches

Ozzy Osbourne Career

Osbourne and Butler joined forces with guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward. It is to form the group Polka Tulk Blues. Even though Rare Breed disbanded after just two performances. In August 1969, they changed the name of their group to Black Sabbath.

They started out with powerful blues music and deeper, more melancholy lyrics. In November 1969, Black Sabbath got a record deal with Philips Records. Their first single is Evil Woman. It was out in January 1970. Their self-titled debut album came out the following month.

Their debut was a big financial success. It is despite the fact that their first album did not earn favorable reviews and their US record firm, Warner Bros. Records, only made a small investment in the band.

They got comparable poor critical reviews for their subsequent albums. They were Paranoid (1970), Master of Reality (1971), and Volume 4 (1972). All of which were huge commercial hits.

Ozzy Osbourne Career

Less than two months after their debut, Master of Reality and Volume 4 both received a gold certification. Their 1973 album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, went platinum for the fifth time in the US. It was their first to earn favorable reviews from the general media. Osbourne also contributed to the bands Sabotage (1975), Technical Ecstasy (1976), and Never Say Die albums (1978).

Osbourne was expelled from the band by his bandmates in April 1979. Don Arden is the band’s manager. Don Arden signed Ozzy to Jet Records after the singer left Black Sabbath. The Blizzard of Ozz, which Osbourne founded in Los Angeles, California, in late 1979. It issued its debut album, Blizzard of Ozz (1980).

It was solely attributed to Osbourne who launched his solo career. Diary of a Madman (1981), Speak of the Devil (1982), No Rest for the Wicked (1988), and No More Tears (1991) are just a few of his other albums. Ordinary-Man, his first solo album in more than a decade, was released on February 21st, 2020.

Osbourne has nearly 100 million albums in circulation. He received his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his work with Black Sabbath. He is also a solo artist and a band member of the UK Music Hall of Fame. At the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2014, he was given the Global Icon Award.

Ozzy Osbourne invented the metal festival tour in the middle of the 1990s. His son, Jack, assists his wife, Sharon Osbourne, in running it. On October 25, 1996, Phoenix, Arizona, hosted the first Ozzfest.

Since then, it has attracted five million visitors and made over $100 million. As a result of the popularity of Ozzfest, Ozzy Osbourne became the first heavy metal and hard rock artist to sell $50 million worth of products.

Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth 2022

In 2022, Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth is anticipated to be $220 million.

He is a popular solo artist from Britain. He previously played in the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Later, he rose to fame on reality TV as part of The Osbournes.

He makes more than $20 million a year from all of his sources of income. It includes album sales and royalties from the licensing of his copyrighted songs and recordings.

Ozzy Osbourne Wife

In 1971, Osbourne and Thelma Riley got married after meeting each other in a Birmingham nightclub. Thelma’s son from a prior relationship was also adopted by Osbourne.

It is even though they ultimately got divorced. Together, they had two kids. In July 1982, Osbourne wed his manager, Sharon Arden. The couple had three kids together.

The Osbourne family splits its time between residences in Los Angeles, California, and Buckinghamshire, England. Osbourne and his wife Sharon are one of the wealthiest couples in the UK.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Height

Ozzy Osbourne's Height

Ozzy Osbourne weighs 73 kg and stands at 5 ft 10 inches and 1.78 m tall.

Ozzy Osbourne House

Ozzy Osbourne reportedly paid about $12 million for a Hancock Park house in the 1930s. The house is a Spanish Colonial design, according to an article. The home was formerly owned by radio broadcaster Frank Bresee.

The 9,000-square-foot house’s previous owner installed a stunning foyer and a pool.

Eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms are included. The Osbournes intend to collaborate with renowned designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard on a comprehensive overhaul.

It means they are likely to throw out the tasteful design decisions made by Koules and Arazm.

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