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The Renowned English Musician Ringo Starr Net Worth, Bio, Career!

Sir Richard Starkey, better known by his stage name Ringo Starr, is a renowned English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor who rose to prominence around the world as the Beatles’ drummer. Ringo Starr net worth is updated below.

Throughout his childhood, Ringo Starr had serious diseases that required extended hospital stays. Ringo Starr has been in a large number of other movies in addition to the Beatles’ movies.

The Renowned English Musician Ringo Starr Net Worth And Bio!

Ringo Starr released a number of successful singles following the band’s dissolution in 1970, including the US top-ten hit “It Don’t Come Easy.” This well-known individual has been in numerous documentaries and television shows in addition to music. In addition, he hosted the television show “Thomas & Friends” ( TV ).

Ringo Starr Net Worth

Ringo Starr Net Worth

In the year 2022, Ringo Starr’s net worth is anticipated to be $350 million. Ringo Starr is today ranked as the tenth richest rock musician in the world. He makes more than $20 million a year from all of his sources of income, including album sales and television appearances.

His music continues to earn him millions of dollars in royalties. Starr made a sizable sum of money through acting in films, dramas, and TV shows in addition to his singing career. He served as the host of the kids’ program “Thomas & Friends.”

Additionally, he had an appearance in a TV episode of the hit show “The Simpsons,” which helped him significantly increase his earnings and net worth. He can easily make $3–5 million a year today, even with just a few live engagements.

Ringo Starr Early Life

Ringo Starr was born on July 7, 1940, at 9 Madryn Street in Dingle, a neighborhood in the inner city of Liverpool, England. He is the sole child of Richard Starkey and Elsie Gleave, two confectioners. Starkey’s parents separated when he was four years old. His mother worked as a cleaner and eventually as a bartender to support them. Starkey was six years old when he got appendicitis.

Starkey attended the nearby Church of England elementary school St. Silas before transferring to Dingle Vale Secondary Modern. In 1953, his mother remarried, and his new stepfather supported his musical aspirations. 

Ringo Starr Career

After joining the skiffle band, Ringo Starr began his musical career. Later, he became a member of Rory Storm Hurricanes. After meeting the Liverpool band the Beatles in 1960, he left his band two years later to replace Pete Best in the group, which put him and his new bandmates, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, on the road to stardom.

In 1962. On the Beatles’ debut song, “Love Me Do,” Ringo Starr had his first professional recording experience. On the Beatles’ seventh studio album, Revolver, which was released in 1966, Ringo sang the song Yellow Submarine’s lead vocals after recovering from yet another illness.

Starr starts his solo career with the publication of his solo album Sentimental Journey. He founded his own record company, Ring O’ Records, under which he signed a number of performers, including Rab Noakes, David Hentschel, and Graham Bonnet, after finding substantial success in 1975. Additional solo and studio albums by Ringo Starr were released, such as Liverpool 8 in 2008, Y Not in 2010, Ringo 2012, and others.

His 18th studio album, Postcards from Paradise, was released in 2015, while his 19th studio album, Give More Love, was made available in 2017.

Ringo Starr Earnings Per Year

Ringo Starr has earned massive popularity and wealth from his professional career as a musician and singer. Starr’s net worth as of the year 2022 is mentioned above. He earned USD $330 million in the year 2021. In 2020 and 2019, Ringo made a huge net worth of USD $320 million and USD $300 million respectively. Ringo has USD $270 million in the year 2018.

Ringo Starr Personal Life And Relationships

In 1965, Ringo Starr wed Maureen Cox for the first time. Son Zak was born in 1965, son Jason was born in 1967, and daughter Lee was born into the marriage (born 1970). Due to Starr’s frequent affairs, the couple filed for divorce in 1975. Later, he acknowledged that he was “an alcoholic, a batterer of wives, and an absent parent.” Leukemia claimed Maureen’s life in 1994.

Then, in 1980, while working on the set of the movie Caveman, Starr met actress Barbara Bach, whom he later married in 1981. They battled alcoholism and underwent treatment together, with successful outcomes. They still live together and alternate between their houses in Monte Carlo and Los Angeles.

Eight grandchildren altogether were born to Starr: one from Zak, four from Jason, and three from Lee. He became a great-grandfather for the first time in 2016 as a Beatle.

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