Rita Moreno Sparkles In A Red Sequined Blouse At NAAC LDF’s Equal Justice Awards Dinner

The Legal Defense And Education Fund’s 34th National Equal Justice Awards Dinner was a star-studded affair on Tuesday when Rita Moreno stepped out in a sparkling crimson gown.

90-Year-Old Rita Moreno

A crimson sequined blouse worn by the 90-year-old EGOT holder stood out among the other performers at the New York City event. Also performing were singers Stevie Wonder, 72, and John Legend, 43.

Rita Moreno Sparkles In A Red Sequined Blouse At NAAC LDF's Equal Justice Awards Dinner

One of the honorees was Wonder, awarded the organization’s Icon Award for his work promoting “racial justice and equality.”

An eye-catching crimson skirt completed Rita’s gorgeous ensemble. A white jacket with flower-shaped gems across one shoulder contrasted her red open-toe shoes, but she maintained the same color scheme.

A diamond-studded pair of earrings accentuated her short salt-and-pepper hairstyle, which she styled in spikes.

As she made her way down the red carpet, she paused to picture NAACP LDF President and Director-Council Janai Nelson and Thurgood Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Sherrilyn Ifill.

At the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s 34th Annual National Equal Justice Awards Dinner on Tuesday, Rita Moreno was the center of attention in a vibrant red gown.

Wonder, who received the organization’s Icon Award, is recognized at this year’s event to promote “racial justice and equality.”

On Tuesday, Rita Moreno, 90, dazzled at the NAACP LDF Equal Justice Awards Dinner in New York City in a crimson sequined shirt and matching skirt.

Rita combined her dazzling top with a scarlet floor-length skirt that matched perfectly.

Even though he wore open shoes with the same color scheme, he opted for a dramatic white lapelless jacket with flower-shaped gems on one shoulder to contrast the bright red.

In addition to her spiked short gray hair, the West Side Story actress sported diamond-studded earrings.

A gorgeous gray satin outfit worn by NAACP LDF President and Council President Janai Nelson and Thurgood Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Sherrilyn Ifill were among the celebrities she posed with as she walked the red carpet.

Sherrilyn Ifill, who received the Thurgood Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award, was also in attendance as NAACP LDF President and Council Chairman Janai Nelson dressed elegantly in gray satin.

In Black Again

A black velvet jacket, a black turtleneck, and matching slacks were John Legend’s attire for the stage performance.


Stevie Wonder’s arrival at the gathering brought a smile to his face. The singer-songwriter wore a black suit with a peaked lapel jacket and a yellow and black pattern shirt.

Differentiating Oneself From The Crowd

Nikole Hannah-Jones, a reporter for the New York Times, also stood out on the red carpet in a stunning crimson velvet gown and gold slingbacks.
In a black velvet jacket, turtleneck, and matching slacks, John Legend, who was on hand to perform, looked calm.
He appeared delighted to see Stevie Wonder, the event’s undisputed star, arrive.
The singer-songwriter to impress with his broad lapel jacket and yellow and black pattern shirt.
He opted for a simple black beret ornamented with a row of cowrie shells instead of a tie.


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