Who Is Avatar Actor, Sam Worthington’s Wife? Age, Height, Net Worth, Movies, Bio

In Godalming, England, where he was raised, Sam Worthington is an Australian actor. Sam was born in England, but his parents relocated to Australia when he was a child.

Sam Worthington’s Bio, Height, Weight, Age, And Measurements

Sam had a sister and a brother when he was a young boy. Sam stands at a height of 5’10” and carries an average weight of 81kg.

Avatar Actor, Sam Worthington's Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Movies, Bio

Avatar, in which he starred as Jake Sully, was a critical and commercial success in 2009. Since then, Sam hasn’t looked back. Throughout the years, he has won numerous awards for his incredible abilities.

Sam is a writer as well as an actor. In 2004, Worthington won one of Australia’s most prestigious film awards for his role as the lead in Somersault. It’s safe to say that Sam is one of the best Australian actors around.

Australian actor Sam Worthington is the son of Jeanne J., a housewife, and Ronald Worthington, an employee of a power plant.

Date of birth2 August 1976
Weight81 kg
Net worth$12 million
Zodiac signLeo

Sam Worthington’s Quick Tidbits

A gang of “tap dogs” is the focus of Worthington’s first film role in 2000’s Bootmen, a critically acclaimed Australian thriller.

Fremantle’s John Curtin School of the Performing Arts offered Worthington a scholarship. In addition to his work as an actor, Sam is also an avid surfer.

Sam Worthington’s Net Worth

Sam’s earnings are unknown, but his net worth is estimated to be $12 million as of 2022.

Sam Worthington’s Childhood

Australian-born Sam is a 45-year-old actress who was born and raised in England. However, Sam dropped out of an acting school midway through his studies. A few dollars and a request to return home were all he received from his angry father after he dropped out.

After that, Sam began doing odd jobs and eventually made his way to Sydney. He received a scholarship to attend a drama school when he was just 19 years old. Sam is one of the most successful actors who began his career from the bottom up.

Sam Worthington’s Career

As of 2022, Sam’s estimated net worth was $12 million. In 2000, Worthington starred alongside Adam Garcia in the Australian dance film “Bootmen.” The Australian comedy “gettin'” starred him in 2003. A modern Australian version of Macbeth was Worthington’s first film role in 2004 and Somersault was his second in 2006.

For his role in Terminator Salvation, Worthington has become a household name. Worthington became well-known as Jake Sully thanks to his work on the film Avatar (the character he played in the film).

Wife And Children Of Sam Worthington

Sam and his wife Lara Bingle have three sons, all of whom are named Sam.

Sam Worthington’s Interesting Trivia

Sam Worthington has an interesting tidbit to share with you.

Sam went broke at the age of 30 and began living in his car, which he purchased with savings.


Sam Worthington is an incredible actor who never gave up on his dreams, even when he was going through some of the lowest points in his life.

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