Sophie Richie And Elliott Grainge Got Engaged And Both Look Stunning In Their Gorgeous Dresses

On May 30th, Sofia Richie, 23, and Elliot Grainge, 27, got engaged in Los Angeles. Both sides of the family and friends were there to witness their engagement. Family members and friends from both sides were present at theIr engagement ceremony.

The Bride And Groom Look Stunning In Their Beautiful Dresses As Sofia Richie And Elliot Grainge Get Engaged

Richie shared a few photos from their engagement party, where she posed with her fiance, family members, and friends.

Sofia Richie wore a white dress with pale pink flowers, leaves, and branches, as well as 5-inch heels, while her partner and the music executive opted for a cream suit, as shown in the photos.

Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, and Benji Madden, the bride-to-famous be’s family members, attended the floral-themed event.

Sophie Richie And Elliott Grainge Got Engaged And Both Look Stunning In Their Gorgeous Dresses

They all reposted Sofia’s Instagram photos and offered their congratulations in their own unique ways. The other celebrities and models present wished the happy couple well.

It’s unclear exactly how the model and the music mogul came to know one another.

Sofia and Elliot have been friends since they split from Scott Disick in January of 2021.

Both Sofia and Grainge confirmed their feelings for each other after two months of dating.

Richie and Grainge first became friends, and then they became a couple and are now taking their relationship more seriously.

A report stated that the two have been spending quality time together every day and that they have become closer as a result.

Elliott Grainge, according to her family, is a sweetheart and a definite good guy. Aside from spending time at home, the couple has a lot of fun going out as a couple.

Sofia Richie’s father, Lionel Richie, gave Elliot Grainge his blessing. Since Grainge was twelve, he claims to have known him. The father of a native Californian says it’s one of the few things he doesn’t have to double-check.

As a father, a 72-year-old American Idol judge tells Access Hollywood that he feels confident leaving his daughter in the care of the couple. When Grainge asked for permission to propose to Sofia Richie, Lionel said that his son-in-law was apprehensive.

Cutting The Cake

Couples who recently got engaged cut a two-tiered cake decorated with brightly coloured flowers.


They put together a buffet for guests to eat at their leisure. Customers could choose between Cacio e Pepe and pasta with a vodka sauce.

Sisterly Photoshoot

Nicole, the bride’s older half-sister, joined her for a photo op during the wedding festivities.

This is a picture of a couple.

An intimate moment between a couple was captured on the patio. At the engagement party, the groom was completely enamoured with his fiancee.

Cocktails With A Distinctive Flavour Profile

The newly engaged couple’s names were emblazoned on two signature cocktails for the guests of honour. The bride’s cocktail included vodka, fresh blackberries, lime, ginger beer, and mint, while the groom opted for a more traditional Margarita.

Place To Sit

While they were celebrating their upcoming marriage, the couple dined outside with their closest friends and family.

The Ideal Image

The bride took a mirror selfie to show off her beautiful embroidered white dress.

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