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Many people are looking forward to the debut of Season 4 of Good Trouble. Since the end of season 3,

we’ve been waiting for fresh episodes of Good Trouble, and they’re finally here.

The Fourth Season Of Good Trouble  Is all about The Cast, Release Date,

Mariana and Callie Adams-Foster, sisters from The Fosters, relocated to Los Angeles in 2019 to start their

adult lives with new professions and friends. For the two of them, it’s been a difficult journey, with

The Fourth Season Of Good Trouble

employment problems, love issues, and uncomfortable friendships occupying the majority of the three seasons.

Fans were treated to brand new episodes last year after a long hiatus between the second and third seasons due to filming being halted during the pandemic.

Fortunately, the wait was well worth it, as Season 3 delivered on all fronts, from the Good Trouble score to

the complicated lives of Callie, Mariana, and the rest of the gang at The Coterie. Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to seeing what happens in season four.


The first episode of Good Trouble season 4 aired on Freeform at 10 p.m. on March 9 and was made

available on Hulu the next day, after what seemed like a lifetime.

See our advice on how to watch all seasons of Good Trouble if you’re behind on the series and want to catch up before viewing the new episodes.

The show’s official Instagram page announced that it would return for a third season in 2021, with a

photo of a poster showcasing all of our favourite Coterie characters (and Jamie).

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It’s no surprise that Good Trouble is one of the top 10 most-watched shows by women under 35 on Freeform, where it first aired.

Cast Of Season 4 Of Good Trouble:

The expected cast of Good Trouble Season 4 is listed below.

Callie Adams Foster is played by Maia Mitchell.

Mariana Adams Foster is played by Cierra Ramirez.

Malika Williams is played by Zuri Adele.

Alice Kwan is played by Sherry Cola.

Gael Martinez is played by Tommy Martinez.

Judge Curtis Wilson is played by Roger Bart.

Davia Moss is played by Emma Hunton.


Is the show “Good Trouble” still on the air?

Good Trouble hasn’t been cancelled yet—at least not officially. Season 4 is due to debut, but it’s unclear

whether the show will be renewed for a fifth season. Please stay tuned for further information!

Do you believe Callie (MAIA MITCHELL) will depart “Good Trouble” at the end of this season?”

Is Callie going to depart the show after a cliffhanger season 3 finale? Despite the fact that we don’t know

where Callie is going (leaving town? leaving the Coterie? ), the show’s executive producer, Joanna Johnson, stated that Maia Mitchell will return for season 4.

If That’s The Case, Who Will Return For Season 4 Of “GOOD TROUBLE”?

All of your favourite characters from past seasons will return in Season 4. In addition to Maia Mitchell (Callie), Cierra Ramirez (Mariana), Sherry Cola (Alice), Tommy Martinez (Gael), Zuri Adele (Malika), Emma

Hunton (Davia), and Beau Mirchoff, the cast also includes Cierra Ramirez (Mariana), Sherry Cola (Alice), Tommy Martinez (Gael), Zuri Adele (Malika), Emma Hunton (Davia), and Beau Mirchoff (Jamie).

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