Are Theo And Kc Still Together? Who Is Theo Campbell


After being a competitor on Love Island, Theo Campbell was also a runner-up in War of the Worlds. The second War of the Worlds saw him participate as well.

After appearing on the third season of Love Island, KC, whose proper name is Kazimir Crossley, became an overnight sensation. Along with Snoochie Shy and Jordan Hames, KC hosts the BBC Sounds Podcast ‘Slide Into My Podcast.’ KC founded KazBands, a headgear firm, and has served as a brand ambassador for Boohoo, a clothing retailer. KAZ x FIT is the name of her fitness clothing line. Theo and KC’s fans want to know whether they’re still together and, if so, where they’ve ended up. Are Theo and KC still together? That’s all they know thus far.

Love Island Couple Theo And KC Still Together

In 2022, KC and Theo Campbell will not be together. As a result, they’ve broken up and are no longer associated. Theo wants to know why his ex-girlfriend, KC, suddenly changed her opinion about him following their separation in February 2020. Teaser footage shows Theo telling the camera that he is “searching for answers” after KC’s breakup with him in 2020. Please continue reading to find out whether or not Theo and KC are still together.

Are Theo And Kc Still Together Who Is Theo Campbell

In one of the videos, Theo remarked, “They and Kaz broke up because she changed her mind overnight; they want to know why.” I’d want to find out. Because of this, he continued. Theo dreamed that KC would change her mind and return to him following their breakup on the ITV2 program. When Theo and KC met on Love Island, they decided to make their relationship official in March.

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Theo Campbell And Kaz Crossley Of Love Island Have Called It Quits

He previously remarked, “they don’t want to say too much, but they were going to say, people and love these days, it’s complicated.” It’s a wild and complicated world out there. While working with us, they felt like they gave it their all yet were undervalued. Currently, “it’s a little insane.”

“They don’t know what to label that,” he said. Is there a more effective method of explaining this? A riddle has been unlocked.

“Girls, in general, are difficult to deal with, in the opinion. They hadn’t had a girlfriend in five years until they met Kaz, so they never dated any other Love Island females.

You’ve got people that are too unstable, right?” You can’t keep track of them! They are not interested in meeting anybody. Even if they are close friends with them, none of them will ever be the girlfriend.”

On the other hand, when they met Kaz, they were like, “You know what they mean, but when you have these overnight million followers and that overnight famous thing, it’s a lot of pressure for people to handle,”, particularly for females. “It’s difficult to balance a normal relationship and the other side.”


In 2021, Theo Campbell became a parent for the first time and announced that he had given birth to a son. He exclaimed, “They can’t believe the delight” of becoming a father when he broke the news to me. A London-born make-up artist, KC has collaborated with well-known musicians such as Maya Jama and Stormzy.

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