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Tom Hanks Net Worth, Family, Wife, And Lifestyle Revealed!

Hollywood’s one of the biggest stars and filmmakers include the name of Tom Hanks. He is recognized as a remarkable artist of all time and a cultural icon for millions of fans across the globe.

In North America, Hanks is currently at the fourth position among the top actors in Hollywood. The beautiful movies of Tom Hanks always reflect the incredible performances making the plot livelier.

He is most famous for doing incredible dramas and comedies. Here, you will learn about the personal relationships and early life of Tom Hanks, apart from his outstanding career. So, start reading the fascinating facts about the actor.

Tom Hanks Net Worth

As per the recent reports, the net worth of Tom Hanks at present is around $350 to $400 million. Moreover, the average earnings per movie are around $25 million. Although the salaries do not tell you the accurate figures of his income every year, the estimates portray near about figures. For example, the trilogy of Da Vinci Code alone gave him about $70 million.

Tom Hanks Net Worth

The global earnings of the movie of Tom are around $9.96 billion, while it amounts to $4.9 billion. He also won several accolades, including Oscar and other prestigious awards. The honorable actor’s net worth is estimated to be $350 million.

Tom Hanks Early Life

Originally named Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, Tom Hanks came to this planet on 9th July 1956. He belongs to a middle-class family in Concord, California. He was the third child of Amos Bud Hanks and Janet Marylyn.

Some sources also say that Hanks is the descendant of Fred Rogers and Abraham Lincoln. However, no direct connection has been established to date. The young lad’s family kept on changing their locations several times.

As a result, he almost changed ten houses during the first ten years of his life. Then, in 1960, the children saw their parents getting divorced. Tom lived with his father and two of his siblings, while the younger two children preferred staying with their mother after the separation.

Tom Hanks is 6 feet tall, and about 80 Kg is his weight. He is always in support of the Democratic Party of America. The famous actor did his schooling at Skyline High School in Oakland and finished graduation from California State University. At present, Hanks lives in Los Angeles.

Tom Hanks Career

Tom Hanks started his career as a professional actor in the 1980s. However, his first movie, He Knows You’re Alone, did not have a big budget. But his acting became a hot topic for many.

Soon, other directors also approached him for some good work. For instance, Mazes and Monsters, a beautiful television film, received an average response with tom playing a character. The biggest break of his career is A League of Their Own, which aired in 1992. After that, people slowly understood the real value of this gem and made him a star in the early years of the 90s.

Finally, in 1996, the world witnessed Tom’s talent in direction with the release of That Thing You Do! Moreover, in later times, he also did great in producing a movie. Thus, the multi-talented personality became a star icon quickly for the whole world.

Tom Hanks Relationships

In 1978, Tom Hanks made Samantha Lewes, his life partner. This pretty lady was an actress from America. The couple lived a great life with their son Colin and daughter Elizabeth. But the two got a divorce in 1987. After this, Rita Wilson came into Tom’s life. They married in 1988.

Tom Hanks Relationship

The couple is staying together to this date. They collided in Bosom Buddies’ sets in 1981 and fell for each other. But Rita belonged of Greek origin. Hence, Hanks had to change his religion before tying the knot with her.

Tom Hanks Awards and Honor

Tom Hanks is one of Hollywood’s most common names on the nomination list of any award show. In the Academy Awards, he had six nominations. Out of them, Hanks succeeded in grabbing two of these prestigious awards. For being a brilliant producer of multiple TV series, Primetime Emmy Awards also came to his basket.

Moreover, in 2013, he was nominated in the category of Best Actor for the Tony Awards. In 2002, Tom became the winner of the AFI Life Achievement Award. 2020 gave him the Golden Globe Award also. The list of awards kept increasing with several outstanding performances every year.

In 2004, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awarded him Stanley Kubrick Britannia. Apart from these, Tom Hanks also received great honor from USA President Barack Obama in the form of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016.

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