Who Is Vicky White? Before Casey White’s Escape, The Missing Alabama Jailer Had Retired And Sold His House

Deputy prison director Vicky White had a “special relationship” with convict Casey Cole White, whom investigators believe she helped escape from jail in Lauderdale County, Alabama, on Tuesday.

Deputy Prison Director Vicky White And Casey Cole White Relation

As of 9:41 a.m. on Friday, Vicky and a guy accused of capital murder, Casey White, were still on the loose. According to the state police, she has brown eyes and strawberry blonde hair, with brown eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

Before Casey White's Escape, The Missing Alabama Jailer Vickey White Had Retired And Sold His House

US Marshals say that two males who are not connected have been missing since April 29. It was reported that they were last seen in Rogersville, Alabama, driving a gold/copper 2007 Ford Edge with Alabama license plates.

When she said she was retiring, she meant it literally. On Friday, she was scheduled to work her last shift before retiring. Singleton, on the other hand, indicated that he had no upcoming court appearances or medical appointments. Deputies found her patrol car abandoned in a nearby parking lot after the incident.

Her residence was sold for $95,000.00

In the weeks preceding her disappearance, Vicky White’s Lexington, Alabama, the property was sold for $95,550 less than its market value, according to local television station WAAY 31. It is possible that Vicky White’s home sale may have provided her with the money she needed after fleeing with Casey White. Sheriff Rick Singleton believes this possibility.

She filed for divorce from a guy in 1991 after a three-year marriage, according to court records. In his home, he was found dead a few months back. It’s painful for me to see Vicky running away with that man “Frances White, her ex-mother-in-law, spoke with The Associated Press about the issue.

Although she was described as compassionate and giving by those who knew her, she was also described as being a touch secretive. As a child, Victoria’s mother remembered her as being unable to communicate herself and keeping her feelings and thoughts to herself.

The ex-husbands of Vicky White’s mother-in-law claimed that she had no kids. She bought the big home she recently sold in order to be close to her parents when she was younger.

With Casey White, she had a “unique relationship”

At a recent gathering of Lauderdale County jail inmates, they shared their experiences with law enforcement. The sheriff’s office published a statement early Tuesday morning claiming to have found a connection between the two parties concerned.

During his appearance in court following his detention in Lauderdale County since February 25, the sheriff stated that he would be transferred to an Alabama prison later this month after attending judicial hearings in that state.

Her loved ones and coworkers are stunned

As Davis put it, “In an interview with a local television station, she didn’t give us anything.” “Devastated” was how Sheriff Singleton described the mood of the correctional employees. He alleged that the director of the facility likened the post-escape mood to a “funeral wake.”

It was noted by one of the team members on Monday that “this is not our Vicky White.”. Connolly expressed amazement at the development and said that he was surprised to hear about it.

A shattered ankle was the reason for his hospitalization when Vicky White last spoke with him on Thursday. They didn’t find anything strange about his explanation.

In exchange for information leading to Vicky White’s arrest, the US Marshals Service is offering a $5,000 reward. An arrest warrant was issued for her after she was charged with aiding or encouraging the fugitive’s escape earlier this week. For this crime, a jail sentence of up to ten years is the maximum penalty in the state of Alabama.


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