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Is Addison Rae A Guy? Addison Rae’s Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Movie, Instagram, TikTok

In addition to acting and dancing, Addison Rae Easterling is also one of the top social media celebrities. She is the world’s highest-paid TikTok personality. On TikTok, she is well-known for posting videos of dancing and lip-syncing.

Addison Rae’s Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Married Life

As of 2022, currently, Addison Rae is 21 years old, born on October 6, 2000.  She attended Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana, for her high school education. Her education started with the proper flow at Louisiana State University, where she pursued a career in sports journalism. 

As a child, she competed in dancing competitions around the United States. During her time in high school, she was also a gymnast and a cheerleader. Her first Tik-Tok video garnered much attention, so she decided to keep making videos after that.

Addison Rae’s net worth

The total net worth of Addison Ray is $5 million. She achieves fame and fortune at a young age in the entertainment sector. Her endorsements with several brands led Forbes to quote a sum of $5 million.

Addison Rae’s Height And Other Physical Appearance

Her career

Addison Ray had already established herself as a professional musician in her early years. She first downloaded TikTok for fun, but after her debut video received over 93,500 likes, she was determined to keep going. She’s still filming videotapes of her lip-syncing, and they’ve become quite popular very quickly. Performing Mariah Corey’s hit song “Obsessed,” she became an overnight internet sensation.

With over a million followers by the end of October 2019, she had dropped out of college in November. It was clear that after dropping out of college, she wanted to take her career a lot more seriously and extend it further.

She began singing with WME in January 2020, alongside her parents. To coincide with American Eagle’s back-to-school promotion, Rae and her mother developed a weekly podcast that was only available on Spotify in July 2020. A remake of She’s All That, now called “He’s All That,” is in the works for her to star in.

Addison Rae’s Boyfriend

Grammer is their boyfriend of Rae. As of the summer of 2021, Omar Fedi, a nominated musician, and the pair have been in a relationship. Bryce Hall, Addison’s ex-boyfriend, is a TikTok star as well.

Addison Rae’s TikTok

In social media, Addison Rae is a well-known figure with a devoted following across all of the major networks. Her Instagram handle is @addisonrrace, and she has a following of somewhere around 40 million people. Addison Rae is Rae’s YouTube username. 

On August 28, 2016, she launched her YouTube channel with 4.59 million subscribers. She also enjoys exploring new places and maintaining a fit lifestyle. She believes that her achievement directly results from her efforts and dedication.