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Adria Arjona Net Worth, Bio, Age, Acting Career, Car Collection, And Relationship!

Adria Arjona, a Puerto Rican actress, is well known for her performances as Dorothy Gale in Emerald City and Anathema Device in the Good Omens television adaptation. It is estimated that Adria Arjona net worth is $500,000. She made her film debut in the 2015 television series True Detective.

In addition to playing Emily in the show, Adria also portrayed Dani Silva in the television drama Person of Interest. She played a significant part in Good Omens and Emerald City, which led to her emergence.

Who Is Adria Arjona?

Adria Arjona is one of those incredibly committed young actors and actresses that puts a lot of time and effort into being ready for her parts and auditions. She put in a lot of work to prepare for her role in the action movie Triple Frontier because she wanted to give all of herself to the pursuit and stunt scenes.

Net Worth Adria Arjona
Full NameAdria Arjona Torres
ProfessionActor, Singer
Sources of IncomeProfession
Biggest AssetsBMW 330e
ResidenceNew York
Date of Birth25 April 1992
Age30 Years Old
NationalityAmerican, Guatemalan, Puerto Rican
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseEdgardo Canales
Wealth TypeSelf-Made

Adria Arjona Net Worth

Arjona is one of the wealthiest up-and-coming actors in Hollywood, with a reported Adria Arjona net worth is $500,000. The ordinary Hispanic in the United States born abroad has a net worth around 200 times lower than Adria Arjona’s! Arjona had her big break in 2015 when she played Emily in the popular crime series True Detective. This was before she had a role in Morbius.

Adria Arjona Net Worth

The most notable performance of Arjona was as Dorothy Gale in the series Emerald City on NBC, which was a reimagining of The Wizard of Oz. Arjona plays Martine Bancroft in the vampire film Morbius. Martine is Michael Morbius’ fiancée. Her expertise as an actor and the endorsements she receives account for most of her net worth. On the other hand, Adria adores splashing her fortunes over Tiffany’s jewels.

Adria Arjona Key Facts 

  • Actress Adria Arjona, who was born in Cuba on April 25, 1992, is currently 30 years old.
  • Ricardo Arjona and Leslie Torres welcomed Adria Arjona into the world in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Most of Adria’s upbringing, up until she was 12 was spent in Mexico City.
  • She relocated to Miami when she was 12 years old, remaining until she was 18 when she made her way to New York City.
  • Adria was brought up in an environment that valued talent and the arts. Ricardo Arjona, her father, is a musician from Guatemala. She frequently traveled because her father frequently brought her along on his excursions.
  • Unfortunately, her parents split up in 2005 because Edgar was dating Daisy Arvelo, a woman with whom he also shares a child.
  • Jules Reyes was a character played by Adria Arjona in the 2018 science fiction movie Pacific Rim.
  • While pursuing her acting studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, she worked as a hostess and waiter.
  • Alongside Jason Momoa, Arjona appeared in the Netflix original movie Sweet Girl in 2021.
  • Arjona and Andy Garcia will play the principal role in the Warner Bros. adaptation of Father of the Bride. It was announced in April 2021. The ties among a large, wide Cuban American family serve as the backdrop for the most recent interpretation.
  • Pussy Island will feature Adria Arjona as the lead and is Zo Kravitz’s feature film debut.
  • In Guatemala’s Antigua, a church recently officiated the union of Adria Arjona and attorney Edgardo Canales.

Adria Arjona Career

Arjona enters the “Star Wars” canon as the brand-new character Bix Caleen, a supporter of the main character. The creator of the “Andor” television series, Tony Gilroy, was attributed by Arjona with having found her by chance since he was so adept at what he did. Bix accompanies Cassian Andor in evading the authorities in the first three episodes, which debuted on Disney+.

The rising star admitted to Insider in an interview conducted before the start of the new season that the epidemic almost caused her to cancel her screen test for the show. Many celebrities who have worked on the franchise in the past have maintained their lightsabers or wardrobe. The purple lightsaber with the “Pulp Fiction” inscription that Samuel L. Jackson used in the prequel trilogy was his to retain.

Nevertheless, despite being new to the series, Arjona told Insider that she was insistent about not picking up a souvenir. She didn’t request to keep her disguise from the set and said she hoped it’ll wind up in a “Star Wars” exhibit.

Adria Arjona Sources Of Income

The success of her career as a TV actress is the source of Adria Arjona’s wealth. With her most recent foray into the Star Wars universe, Adria has joined the eclectic cast of the Star Wars franchise as a new cast member. Adria is a superb actress with a wide variety of film credits and earns up to $50000 per month. To $900000

Adria is well recognized for her affiliation with numerous well-known companies and endorsement of their merchandise. For the brand Giorgio Armani “My Way Eau de Parfum,” Adria Arjona has made numerous significant endorsements.

Adria Arjona Cars

According to sources, the latest electric beast, the BMW 330e, is reportedly owned with pride by Adria. In addition to participating in its endorsement, Adria later added one of her own. At first glance, the BMW 330e, a plug-in hybrid variant of the current G20 3 Series, appears to be a reliable example of PHEV prowess.

It is designed to serve as the model’s entry point, roughly side by side with the 330i; both cars start at the same price, have comparable powertrain options, and let drivers choose between rear- or all-wheel drive. The 330e’s electric motor only has 107 horsepower, despite the vehicle’s top speed limit of 87 mph. Adria’s fleet is bound to diversify with time and prosperity.

Adria Arjona Charity

Adria Arjona Torres was one of the movie’s rising stars a few years ago when Pacific Rim: Uprising was released. According to the estimates Adria Arjona net worth is $500,000. She immediately distinguished herself from other aspiring stars due to her beauty, intellect, and distinctive personality. Adria Arjona also gives back to the community to repay her good fortune.

Adria Arjona Charity

She actively donates to charities and works hard for groups like Americares, which donates medicine and healthcare to help many people worldwide. Arjona felt driven to assist in mobilizing support for the health-focused relief and development organization after becoming impressed by the group’s transformative health projects, disaster response work, and assistance for underfunded hospitals and health clinics worldwide.

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