Alvarez Says That Trilogy Fight With Golovkin Is “Personal”!

Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán is said to have indicated that his forthcoming battle with Golovkin will be a personal one.

In the long-awaited finale to their trilogy bout, the Mexican professional boxer intends to put an end to Triple G’s professional boxing career.

The Trilogy Fight Against Golovkin, According To Alvarez, Is “Personal”!!

The first time the two boxers faced off in the ring, in 2017, it ended in a tie. This time around, it was Canelo Alvarez’s turn to shine against GGG. The audience was expecting a reversal of fortunes, so when the genuine winner of the battle emerged, they were taken aback.

The Trilogy Fight Against Golovkin, According To Alvarez, Is Personal

September 17 is the date of the third schedule. The mask face of the Kazakhstani professional boxer was mentioned by Alvarez to the reporters, who said the fighter was merely pretending to be pleasant, and that he was not nice at all.

At this point, Alvarez is not being phony by retracting his remarks about the match being personal, according to the fighter.

The boxer told the media that GGG is talking behind his back and boasting about things and that this is the real reason Alvarez no longer wants to fight against him in the next ring.

The Mexican fighter already has a strategy in place for stopping Triple G in his tracks with a KO.

Golovkin, on the other hand, does not appear to have any unresolved concerns with Alvarez, as he regards him as a boxer who has done well and accomplished much in the ring.

GGG responded to a question regarding their personal retribution by saying he had no understanding of what the boxer was saying and that everything was OK until the last ring they shared in 2018.

Alvarez Says That Trilogy Fight With Golovkin Is Personal

He went on to say that if Canelo Alvarez is still having problems, it’s simply because of the way he sees things.

While Alvarez was knocked out by Dmitry Bivol, the IBF champion of 2019 has won four fights in a row following his defeat by Canole.

A two-time harmonious middleweight champion, Golovkin has won numerous titles in the division. Since April of 2022, GGG has also held the WBA belt in addition to the IBF title.

TripleG, a 40-year-old fighter, has no plans to retire, and he is expected to be the third most active boxer in 2022.

BoxRec, the Ring, and TBRB all rank GGG as the top active middleweight in the world. According to ESPN, he’s also the second-best.

Canelo has only lost two fights in his 61-fight career, meaning he has won 59 of those contests.

The WBA light heavyweight title was stripped from Canelo after his defeat to Dmitry. After a unanimous vote by the jury, Dmitry was awarded the belt, which devastated Canelo.

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