Netflix Reveals ‘Money Heist: Korea’ Find New Cast And Crew

Money Heist, a hit in Spain, was Netflix’s last successful stream before it shut down in December 2021.

The writer of Money Heist’s Korean adaptation, Ryu Yong-Jae, explained that after seeing the original Spanish series, he was inspired to create a remake.

Netflix Money Heist: Korea Revealed The Faces Behind The Mask

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is set to take on the challenge of recreating the global hit heist drama at an exclusive press conference where all Netflix’s latest offerings are discussed.

All the original Money Heist characters have been faithfully recast in the new series. In the trailer and posters released so far, a number of well-known Korean actors and actresses have been cast as the film’s main characters. In the world of Korean drama, you’ll understand why the cast of this show is so impressive.

Netflix Reveals 'Money Heist Korea' Find New Cast And Crew

Netflix recently released a special video showcasing the stars and co-stars of the upcoming Money Heist: Korea.

An overview of the Korean – Joint Economic Area (KEA) characters is provided below.

Professor Yoo Ji-Tae
lvaro Morte’s character is replaced by Yoo Ji-Tae in the new series. With credits like Ode to My Father, Seven Days, Lost and Mistresses, The S3/44ndlers, Money and Svaha: the Sixth Finger, Yoo Ji-Tae is a household name in Korea.

Park Hae-soo — Berlin

Park is the most well-known cast member in the film because of his performance in Prison Playbook, which made him a household name. Park Hae-soo, who was originally portrayed by Pedro Alonso, will never disappoint the Korean audience with his performance.

Jun Jong-Seo — Tokyo

Known for her role in the South Korean thriller Burning, 27-year-old actor Jun plays an important role in the new Korean drama. Jun. The thriller “The Call” earned her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress.

Lee Won-jong — Moscow

He’s one of Korea’s best-known actors of his generation, Lee Won-jong. He has appeared in nearly 40 films and more than 60 television shows. He portrays Moscow, the gang’s father figure, in a new Korean television series.

Kim Ji-hun — Denver

Kim Ji-hun is well-known in Korea for his role in romantic comedies. These include Love Marriage, The Golden Age of Daughters, My Cute Guys, and Stars Falling from the Sky. Kim starred in all of them! Short-tempered and guilty of minor crimes, Kim is now playing a different character in Money Heist: Korea.

Jang Yoon-Ju — Nairobi

Jang, who began her career as a model at the age of 17, is now a singer, actor, model, and songwriter as well as an accomplished actress. Jang has a strong personality, which makes him a good choice for the role of Nairobi in the first series.

Lee Hyun-woo — Rio

As Rio, Lee’s Hyun-character woos is one of the most talented hackers in the group. When Lee was nine years old, he began his acting career and has since appeared in numerous popular television series.

Kim Ji-hoon — Helsinki

Helsinki, a member of the gang, is played by Kim Ji-hoon. To the outside world, he appeared to be a cold, hard person. Helsinki was a gay character in the original series who became closer to Nairobi as the series progressed.

Lee Kyu-ho — Oslo

Oslo, like his brother Helsinki, is not a fearsome character, as Lee portrays him. With him in charge, no one is ever hurt in the group.

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