Is “Anatomy Of A Scandal ” Based On A Stupid Story Twist? Or The Funniest TV Moment Ever?

That Anatomy of a Scandal scene is predicated on a plot twist so ridiculous that it can only be accepted with a sigh of resignation. It appears as though the entire series has infiltrated your television’s settings and has purposefully reinstalled motion smoothing out of hatred for you.

Anatomy Of A Scandal Plot; More Annoying, Hour-Long Dramatic Series

As if David E. Kelley’s evil plan to produce a more annoying, hour-long dramatic series about genuinely bad affluent people has not already been carried out, Anatomy of a Scandal is the latest step.

Anatomy Of A Scandal Plot, Cast

This time, David E Kelley’s One Idea has relocated to London, or at least a cartoon version of London, where everyone is a dribbling cut-glass mélange and the House of Commons appears to have been constructed out of plywood in a hurry. ‘London’.

Anatomy Of A Scandal Episodes

Friend Rupert’s comment to his wife that he had an affair with a colleague is the focus of Episode 1. He stays out of the headlines for a while, but he is then accused of rape. It will be interesting to see how Rupert Friend, the show’s star, responds to the accusation.

By the way, this happens entirely unexpectedly. In the wake of a nearly silent episode, we see Rupert Friend soar into the air and land safely. It’s as if John Woo learned about how dull the film would be and decided to jump out of a helicopter to spice things up at the last minute.

Are you not going to abandon your vigilance after such an event? This will leave you speechless as a disbelieving vagabond in a 1930s cartoon as you recline in the comfort of your couch. 

Rupert Friend has been accused of raping a woman in the middle of the street, and you’re going to close your eyes and think, “Did Rupert Friend really fly backward through the air like a ragdoll, or have I just experienced a crippling blunt force trauma to the base of my skull?” While you’re debating whether or not you saw something so utterly pointless, Netflix will have moved on.

As soon as you’ve recovered from the devastation caused by your thoughts exploding, it happens again. Sienna Miller stumbles backward off of an imaginary lift. She falls in slow motion through an empty courtroom in the second episode of That Anatomy of a Scandal scene (again, without anything even resembling a warning). 

There’s no reason for this. There isn’t much of a purpose here. So that episode three can sneak onto your screen without you knowing and start auto-playing the following episode, it’s a thing that happens. It likely hurls you back into the same cluster-migraine fugue condition that you’ve just escaped.

That Anatomy of a Scandal scene is a mediocre Channel 5 courtroom drama bolstered by a slew of ridiculously overblown fantasy scenes. So, you watch the third episode to see how it ends, and the camera spins around while Magnolia’s Aimee Mann song plays. In conclusion, Michelle Dockery is faced with a younger version of herself since you clicked “next episode” and skipped right to the finish.

You’ve lost interest in the storyline of Anatomy of a Scandal by this time. You’re just swiping through the episodes to see what ill-fitting tonal insanity is coming up next. 

To complete your satisfaction, you will witness the moment when a character declares to another character, “I can look you in the eye,” before being sucked onto what can only be described as a Meat Loaf video set so that they may stare each other in the eye hard. 

You’ve seen the entire season to see how ridiculous the show can go. These aspects of the show have made it so successful and worth binge-watching, even if they weren’t immediately apparent.


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