Madonna Told Jennifer Grey That The Matthew Broderick-Jennifer Grey Romance Inspired The Song “Express Yourself”

Jennifer Grey told People magazine that her song “Express Yourself” was inspired by her romance with Matthew Broderick, prior to the release of her novel Out of the Corner. Grey stated in an interview that the song “Express Yourself” was written amid his breakup with his partner, Matthew.

Jennifer Grey And Matthew Broderick Divorced

Madonna’s 1989 song “Express Yourself” is a timeless classic. Jennifer Grey’s character “Baby” from Dirty Dancing is a well-known and openly insane figure who may have inspired the term “baby.”

Jennifer Grey Says Madonna Told Her, Matthew Broderick Relationship Inspired ‘Express Yourself’

Grey began dating Broderick while they were on set together filming Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in September of that year, and the two remained together until late November. Grey auditioned for a role in the film Dirty Dancing, which would be released the following year.

She played Frances’ “Baby” Houseman in the film adaptation, while Patrick Swayze played Johnny Castle. Grey married Broderick when he was a rising star in Hollywood, only to divorce him four years later as an established actress.

Jennifer and her then-husband, Matthew, was killed in a terrible car accident in Ireland in August 1987, revealing Jennifer’s long-hidden connection with Matthew. At the time of the tragedy, the actress was a passenger in Matthew’s car, which collided with another vehicle, killing two individuals in that vehicle.

Jennifer was recognized as a passenger in a news report at the time, suggesting the couple’s off-screen romance. Matthew was found guilty of careless driving and fined $175 instead of facing up to five years in prison after being charged with causing death by reckless driving and facing up to five years in prison.

The Song’s Composition Process

During this time, Grey and Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) developed a close bond. Madonna admitted that she and Broderick collaborated on the song “Express Yourself,” which was released as the second single from her Like A Virgin album at the time (1989).

‘She told me she wrote Express Yourself about me parting ways with Matthew,’ Grey says in her memoir, which she believes is genuine. She then recalls her initial reactions to the song after hearing it for the first time.

Grey went on to claim that she just emailed Madonna about her inspiration for the song “Express Yourself,” and that she shared it with her. “Did you just say that to everyone?” the actress asked the Material Girl in response. There is no evidence that she has changed her narrative since she told Grey more than three decades ago.

The Song’s Resemblance To Jennifer Gray’s Relationship

The song’s lyrics, according to Grey’s well-known Baby persona from Dirty Dancing, allude to Grey’s character. “Don’t go for second best, baby – Put your love to the test; you’ve got to – Make him explain how he feels – And maybe then you’ll know your love is true,” Madonna sings in the infectious chorus of the vibrant dance-pop song, referring to the fact that she is not ready to settle for second best.

The famed singer-songwriter declares that you “deserve the finest in life” when he performs the hit song “You’ll do far better, dear, on your own” (Baby, on your own). To put it another way, if the moment isn’t appropriate, don’t waste it. It’s never good enough to settle for second best.

Jennifer Grey And Johnny Depp

Jennifer married actor Clark Gregg, with whom she has a son, while the public’s attention was focused on her high-profile relationships with actors Johnny Depp and Matthew McConaughey. Last year, the couple decided to divorce after 19 years of marriage.

In addition to their biological child, the couple raises another youngster as a family unit. In total, the couple’s union has resulted in the birth of three children. On May 3rd, Grey’s autobiography will be released.

The couple is no longer together and has moved on with their respective lives, despite the fact that their romance inspired Madonna to write the popular song. The music serves as a soothing reminder of a more pleasant moment in the past.


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