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Anthony Hamilton’s Net Worth, Age, Salary, And Relationship!

Anthony Hamilton is a 51-year-old American singer and songwriter, born and raised in Charlotte, North, California. He has been working in the music field for approximately three decades and has won various awards.

Anthony Hamilton’s Net Worth, Age, Salary, Relationship, And More!

The singer has been nominated for 17 Grammy Awards which is a great deal. Some of Hamilton’s most well-known songs are “Charlene,” “Do You Feel Me,” and “Comin’ from Where I’m From.”

Anthony Hamilton's Net Worth, Age, Salary, And Relationship!

Anthony Hamilton’s Net Worth

Anthony Hamilton’s estimated net worth in 2022 will be $10 million or such. Most of Hamilton’s income is from him being a singer and songwriter. Throughout his career, he has put out several albums, one of which received a platinum certification. The vocalist has collaborated with various musicians and performed in numerous cities all over the world.

Hamilton has been playing for a very long period, and the sale of his albums is his main source of revenue. His annual salary is $1.27 million, according to sources.

When Anthony Hamilton was younger, he had numerous problems to face and we can say he did not have a great childhood. He moved to New York and became well-known as a vocalist. There was no turning back after that; his career indeed did skyrocket. He afterward joined a choir and recorded many records.

Early Life

Anthony Cornelius Hamilton grew up on Hemphill Street with his two siblings. He was raised by Pearl Hamilton, a single mother who struggled to provide for her children. Hamilton’s father was rarely around, therefore, he spent his early years growing up with his maternal grandmother.

He participated in the South Mecklenburg High School chorus. Since he was a little child, he has participated in the church choir.

Career Beginnings!

Thanks to Mark Sparks, Anthony Hamilton moved to New York and was accepted by Uptown Records. His debut solo album, XTC, was released the year after he moved, in 1996.

On the other hand, this was made available on MCA records. In 1999, he contributed to the song “U Know What’s Up” as a co-writer. He later became a backup singer on D’Angelo’s global tour. In 2003, he released the platinum-certified Comin’ from Where I’m From and became famous worldwide.

Career Beginnings!

The year 2005 saw the release of Hamilton’s album Ain’t Nobody Worryin’. He made a comeback with the album The Point of It All after a three-year absence. In 2011, the album Back to Love was released and received insane love from his fans. Home for the Holidays was published in 2014. In 2016, he issued the album What I’m Feelin’. His most recent studio album, Love is the New Black, was released in 2021, for which he has received several awards.

There are also two compilation albums by Hamilton, Soulife and Southern Comfort. He published his debut song, “Nobody Else,” in 1996. The songs “Can’t Let Go,” “Sister Big Bones,” “Do You Feel Me,” and “Cool” are among those that have been released as his other singles. The singer has been featured by numerous other musicians, such as Nick Cannon, J. Moss, Jill Scott, and Nappy Roots.

For Nappy Roots, Hamilton contributed by singing the chorus, and he has produced several top-charting albums. He even managed to get a spot on the Fox television program Empire. In addition to appearing in Gorillaz’s song “Carnival” in 2017, Hamilton has performed in several significant venues. He collaborated with Rick James on the song “Back Together” in 2020.

Personal Life / Relationship

Anthony Hamilton wed Tarcha McMillan in 2005. After almost two years of dating, he married his wife, a background vocalist. He has six sons with Tarcha. But in 2015, he separated from his spouse. We are not aware of his current relationships. We will be sure to update you as soon as we receive any information on Anthony. 

Awards And Honors

Hamilton won the BET Award in 2006, which is one of the prestigious awards. He has been nominated 17 times for Grammy awards, which is a huge deal. In 2010, Anthony has won a Best Traditional R&B Vocal performance which is shared with Al Green. In 2022, he won the Outstanding Male artist award for the album Love is the new Black.

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