Who Is Meet Kevin? His Net Worth, Age, Relationship Status!

When it comes to capital investment and famous YouTubers, the name Meet Kevin is often heard.

He is one of the most famous YouTubers whose whole channel is dedicated to capital investment and management.

Who Is Meet Kevin? How Rich Is He Now!

Kevin is currently a thirty years old real estate broker as well as a realtor who is also interested in sharing his views and experience online, mainly through youtube. 

Who Is Meet Kevin? His Net Worth, Relationship Status!

On youtube, he posts several videos regarding real estate and many unusual investment opportunities which, if followed correctly, can make someone rich and well-established in the global market.

He is also famous for being a young entrepreneur who owns his own private real estate company,’ Meet Kevin Prius,’ which is partnered with his longtime wife, Lauren Paffrath.

He is also well-known on youtube for having nearly two million active subscribers who watch his videos. Kevin mainly talks about trending cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Dogecoin, and many others. He also discusses his professional opinion on the current real estate market and the possible ways to successfully invest in the market successfully.

People, especially from California, might have heard the name many times recently, as he is known to have run in the last year’s candidacy for becoming the governor of California.

During that time, he was the 26th candidate. He ran as a dedicated democrat whose goal was to remove and replace the previous governor ‘Gavin Newsom’ during the May 2021 election.

Who Is Meet Kevin?

Meet Kavin came into this world in January 1992 in his home country of Germany. As per the reports from his childhood, it is evident that he stayed in Germany until he was thirteen months old. 

Later, Kevin moved to the United States of America with his parents in search of a better life. Still, it soon became a nightmare for the young Kevin.

Who Is Meet Kevin

When he reached the age of six years old, his parents divorced and split. As a result, his mother left him and his father.

Young Kevin was raised by his single father, who also boosted his desire to become rich early. During that time, he had also faced many hardships due to low capital and inadequate finances.

After reaching the age of seventeen, Kevin had finally moved to California with only a thousand dollars with him.

As a result, his initial years in California were harsh. He survived those hardships by working part-time jobs at Red Robots and Jamba Juice.

Kevin was finally able to secure more finances and get into the real estate business, where he started to make large sums of money alongside his wife.

Kevin’s Net Worth Educational Qualification

Kevin had finished his early education at Buena High School, California. They then moved to Ventura College to carry out further studies.

He later joined the ‘University of California’ where he earned his master’s degree and started to work in the real estate investment market.

The investment market and Kevin were a perfect match as he understood it very well and soon started to progress in his career as an investor.

He had bought his first real estate just at nineteen, which were two homes, and later moved on to create a whole new company for real estate investment.

Meet Kevin’s Net Worth

Per the financial reports on Meet Kevin, he has a net worth of about six million dollars. Most of his capital is from his real estate investments and revenue collected from his popular youtube channel,’ Meet Kevin.’

He is also a real estate investment professional and runs a capital investment firm. As a result, he has made a lot of long-term investment, which is said to exceed a million dollars.

Thus, we can say that Kevin’s net worth is expected to grow further in the future.

Relationship Status

Meet Kevin, married to his longtime wife and business partner, Lauren Paffrath. They live in Ventura County, California, along with their children.

According to many of his interviews, he is a proud father of his two young sons named ‘Max Paffrath’ and ‘Jack Paffrath’ with whom he loves to spend time.

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