Becca Tilley And Hayley Kiyoko Come Out To The Media About Their Lesbian Romance

Becca Tilley And Hayley Kiyoko Come Out To The Media About Their Lesbian Romance

Her voice was full of emotion when she admitted that she had a connection with Hayley Kiyoko. Becca added that Hayley, her girlfriend, always lifts her spirits and makes her feel proud in a manner that no one else has ever been able to for her before.

Becca Tilley And Hayley Kiyoko’s Relationship Is Revealed

She posted a sweet image of Hayley and Becca kissing on Instagram a few days earlier. They were able to make their relationship status public by posting a photo of each other together.

Becca Tilley And Hayley Kiyoko Come Out To The Media About Their Lesbian Romance

Shivering and weeping, she remarked that the love and attention she received from her family was completely unexpected. She stated she was prepared for everything in life, but not for the love and care she would get.

Becca Tilley revealed her connection with Hayley Kiyoko on the podcast ‘Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad’ on Monday. There had been a rumor about them some time ago, so Becca says it’s time, to tell the truth.

Four years into their relationship, they had resolved to keep things private while still being open about it. They’re all about themselves, it seems. When Becca Tilley chose to go public with the truth, she expected a few individuals to constantly have their backs, but she soon learned that only those who genuinely care about her would do so.

Who Is Becca Tilley’s Love Interest?

Hayley performs the song “For the Girls,” which is a well-known “Bachelor” theme song. Star Molly Ringwald noted that the song ‘For the Girls’ is an anthem that shows love and highlights power, beauty, and vulnerability for all girls.

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On the 10th of May, a new video was produced that aims to highlight the celebration with an extended take on the subject that gets old. She went on to explain that being in the company of other LGBT individuals who make her feel like she belongs is the greatest present she has ever received.

One of her followers, who hails from California, welcomes her cast of possible suitors, which appeared to be a legendary bachelor in the video.

How Did Becca Tilley Meet Hayley Kiyoko?

Her love story with Hayley Kiyoko, a Bachelor alum, is slowly revealed by Becca. “People who love you want to see you happy,” Hayley Kiyoko consistently supported Becca, and Becca appreciated her contribution to her life as a result.

Tilley said she’d always wanted to tell the world about her pregnancy. Although she is not an actress, she will definitely emerge out of the shadows if she has the chance to be on one of Kiyoko’s albums.

Becca said she was ready to reveal their relationship in public because it had been four years since they first started dating.

On the inside, they were both lesbians. While speaking about the distinction between “private” and “secret,” she said they only wanted to keep it private, but never planned to keep it secret, as well. A person like her does not hide their connection by claiming, “When I meet people I introduce her as my girlfriend, not a friend or best friend.” She is not like this. Their love story is revealed in this way.

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