The Chicago Med Season 7- An Epic Story Of Doctor’s Life; It’s Finally Here!

The Chicago Med Season 7

Chicago Med is now among the most widely watched Medical Drama show currently on Television. The show so far has received an excellent positive response from the public after its initial release in 2015. Chicago Med has recently also premiered a brand new season, Season Seven.

Chicago Med Season 7 And Episode 18 Release Date

It has also released some of the episodes from Season Seven which got huge fan support. Viewers are now extremely excited about the next episode of Chicago Med Season 7 and episode 18 named” Judge Not, for you will be judged.”

The Chicago Med Season 7

Fans of the show are very anxious about the release date and the time left till the release of this episode. The plot will be one of the most crucial turning points in the storyline as Dr.Asher clashes with Dr.Archer over varying opinions over the most recent case.

Episode Countdown

As per the recent reports from the Chicago Med director team, it is evident that the episode will release on 13th April 2022. This news puts the countdown to only one day left for the epic episode to get aired. It is a piece of exciting news as the episodes are generally fascinating and well-acted.

Chicago Med Cast And Storyline

Here are some of the reasons for Chicago Med to have such a large viewer count,

  • The Medical Drama Series is doing pretty well, as expected. 
  • The main thing that separates Chichagol Med from other similar Medical Drama Series is that it has an exciting plot and relatable situations. 
  • The storyline also features many real-life incidents and accidents, allowing viewers to easily relate to emergency medical situations. 
  • Also, the interaction between the senior and junior ranks of doctors is a classic in many workplaces and offices. Consequently, it is easy to understand.
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Is The Show Available On Other OTT Platforms?

In short, the answer is yes. The famous Medical Drama Series “Chicago Med” is currently available on many OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Thus, viewers can also enjoy the series from any part of the world and at any time. Bonus point to the viewers will be easy to access through the series at any suitable place and time.

The show’s availability on other platforms also allowed it to boost its viewer count drastically compared to other drama series, which generally remain confined to a very selected number of outlets and primarily to only Television media.


The Chicago Med is an exciting series with a lot of viewer count and fan support. It has an engaging storyline and a good plot. As a result, it is exciting to watch and enjoy with your family. It is also very educational regarding medical science as it allows people to understand the inner workings of a hospital and how doctors operate under pressure. 

The exciting episode 18th of Season Sever will be coming out on 13th April,2022, as per the recent reports, which put the countdown timer to about one day from now. 



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