How Much Is Shane Mosley Jr Net Worth? Age, Wife, Mom, Boxrec, Next Fight, And All About His Life

Shane Mosley Jr. is famous by the nickname “Sugar.” His stardom highlights the great spirits and performances in the boxing rings. Furthermore, Mosley took part in various matches during the long period between 1993 and 2016. Champion’s trophy came to his basket in the category of light middleweight for the welterweight doubles.

Shane Mosley Jr The Contender, Wiki, Instagram Details

The Ring conferred the title of The World Champion in boxing for two consecutive years, 2000 and 2001. This was indeed a grand success for the player. In 2000 he also earned the honor of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Shane Mosley Jr Net Worth Age, Wife, Mom, Wiki, Instagram, Boxrec, Next Fight

Today, you can watch out for the regular updates on his status and conditions from Shane’s social media accounts. Then, keep reading to learn more information about the boxer’s life.

About Shane Mosley Jr

Shane Mosley Jr. is a trending name today, and no additional information is necessary to introduce this world-famous personality. In the boxing world, this name is like a Glorious Star. Mosley is a former boxer from America. He was born in California’s Lynwood in the year 1971. However, the information about his ethnicity is not available.

Date of birthSeptember 7, 1971
Height5 feet 9 inches
Net worth$7 million

Shane Mosley Jr Boxing Records

The 50-year old former boxing professional is 5 feet 9 inches tall. But the correct statistics for his weight and other body measurements are not certain yet. The boxer is well-known for receiving various titles like IBF lightweight, WBA Super, and WBC Welterweight. His defense in the rings was remarkable, and the opponents also respected him throughout. The color of his hair and eyes is brown. Taurus is his zodiac sign.

How Much Does He Earn?

The yearly figure for the earnings of Shane Mosley Jr. is not known. However, in one of the court cases, he declared his Net Worth. In May 2010, he earned the highest amount of $7 million for one match against Floyd Mayweather.

Shane Mosley Age And Early Life Explored

The active boxer came to this Earth on 7th September 1971. Shane Andre Mosley was his original name. His father was Shane Mosley Sr., But there is no information about his mother. Mosley Jr’s upbringing took place in Pomona, California, while his birthplace was Lynwood.

Venus and Serena Mosley are his siblings. The talented boxer took an interest in the game after being influenced by his father. Moreover, he got the training from Mosley Sr. from the age of eight years.

Shane Mosley Loses To

The actual figure of Net Worth is not available. However, as per the records of 2015, he declared that the total debts and total assets as of that date were $4.8 million and $14.6 million, respectively. As an amateur boxer, Shane Mosley Jr. was a common name in the boxing world during the 1980s and 1990s.

He bagged the silver medal in the World Junior Championships of 1989. After that, he went unbeaten till 1997’s May. After that, Shane retired two times but again returned in new spirits. The second come-back was in December 2013. Finally, the star boxer bid goodbye to the rings in 2017 August.

Shane Mosley Jr. Wife/Girlfriend And Children

Shane Mosley Jr. and Jin Sheehan married in 2002, and the couple has three children. After some time, he divorced Jin and later on was involved in a romantic relationship with Trista Pisani. Shane Jr is his older son from one of his past relationships. Apart from these four children, he is also the father of two kids with Trista.

Interesting Facts About Shane Mosley Jr

Shane Mosley Jr. is now working hard and soul to stop the illegal activities of the seal fur trade. Moreover, he is involved with PETA and actively participates in different occasions to prevent dogfighting.


Shane Mosley Jr is a recognizable personality even after his retirement. The whole world will remember his contribution to the field of boxing.


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