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Clerks 3 Gets Trailer Release Date Cast, Plot, And More

The first official trailer for the long-awaited Clerks 3 has now been released by Lionsgate Movies, which serves as the direct sequel to the series that had films released between 1994 and 2006. This is one of the finest comedy movie franchises.

Clerks 3 Gets Trailer Release Date Cast, Plot, Where To Watch

As concluded, Clerks 3 is also going to be one of the best comedy movies. Finally, after a long wait of 16 years, the director, Kevin Smith, decided to make a sequel to this movie. The shoot for the film is finished now and Clerks 3 is nearly around the bend. Then again, fans are getting restless about the arrival of the film. 

Clerks 3 Gets Trailer Release Date Cast, Plot, And More

Clerks 3 Gets Trailer Release Date

There hasn’t been much dependable information about the release date of the movie. But is predicted that Clerks three is going to release on 13th September 2022, across the USA.

In 2017, the film was originally announced, when Kevin Smith revealed that Clerks was off the table after a falling-out with his friend Jeff Anderson who had enjoyed the role of Randal Graves in Clerks 1 and Clerks 2 during 1994 and 2006 respectively. 

Anderson had perused the content yet decided not to be involved; Smith left the project and developed Jay and Silent Bob Reboot during 2019 all other things considered. About fourteen days after Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was delivered, Smith uncovered that he had gone through a whole day marking Clerks film memorabilia along with Anderson and Jason Mewes (Jay). 

Clerks 3 Cast

Brian O’Holloran and Jeff Anderson will indeed feature as the loveable retail-working team, Dante Hicks and Randal Graves. Marilyn Ghigliotti will repeat her job from the very first “Clerks” as Dante’s ex Veronica Loughran, while Rosario Dawson returns as café administrator Becky Scott from “Clerks 2” close by Trevor Fehrman as the strictly tangled worker Elias Grover. Clearly to the enjoyment of many fans also, Jason Mewes and Smith will show up as the famous delinquent couple Jay and Silent Bob (by means of Deadline).

The film is additionally set to include some significant VIP appearances. Ben Affleck, Fred Armisen, and Sarah Michelle Gellar all show up in the film as characters (or possibly themselves) trying out for a film, and it’s not excessively difficult to envision that a couple of additional shocks may be full in the cast list past who has proactively been affirmed.

Clerks 3 Plot

Kevin Smith uncovered the brief of the plot to The Wrap in 2019. He said the film will rotate around two companions. Besides, one of the companions will get coronary failure and he endures it. From that point onward, an unexpected idea strikes his psyche: why not make a film about himself and his companion. So that individuals will recall him. So, the film includes the narrative of Randal graves and Dante Hicks who battle through the filmmaking process.

Where To Watch

For watching Clerk 3, you need to mark your calendar, because tickets will soon be available for the official Clerks 3 screening tour, which will begin in 17 soon-to-be-announced locations beginning in September once the trailer drops. 

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