Clint Eastwood’s Trademark Infringement Case Wins $2 Million Legal Action Against Fake CBD Endorsement

Clint Eastwood, an American actor, director, and producer best known for playing “Man With No Identity,” appears to be rather possessive of his name as he wins the second case against the CBD company for using his illegitimate name in their unlawful business.

From California-based internet business Norok Innovations, Eastwood receives $2 million.

Clint Eastwood Wins $2M in Trademark Infringement Suit Over Fake CBD Endorsement

The reporter reveals that the CBD gummies illegally requested Eastwood’s name’s aid because it would drive traffic to their website and likely enhance their involvement. The only firm with permission to use the name of the well-known actor in their operations is the Californian Garrapata, with whom a contract has already been reached.

Clint Eastwood's Trademark Infringement Case Wins $2 Million Legal Action Against Fake CBD Endorsement

As the producer himself does not promote any cannabis-related products, the complaint claimed that Eastwood does not condone the consumption of CBD.

Fake news began to circulate regarding the western television series Rawhide star’s interest in cannabis and its legalisation on news outlets and in other publications.

The Norok movement along with multiple false publications caused Eastwood to take the situation seriously, and the court decided to award the actor $2 million in damages for improper use of his name.

Eastwood’s attorney, Jordan Susman, approached the media and expressed gratitude for the court’s ruling on behalf of his client. Susman also brought up a few messages that said that criminals cannot govern above the law and that theirs would be the final judgement that the future would follow.

The American Sniper star is pursuing numerous lawsuits to protect the reputation he has worked so hard to establish. He does not want the public to mistake him for endorsing marijuana or CBD. The 92-year-old founder of Malpaso has never participated in any activities that promote or cheer for cannabis and has never been seen wearing any clothing associated with the cannabis sector.

The actor brought a comparable lawsuit against a Lithuanian business in October of last year for spreading false information about his support for its CBD. Additionally, the judge decided in Eastwood’s favour, ordering him to pay the actor $6.1 million to make up for the harms.

The interviews aired were just phoney and a mock-up that genuinely defamed the actor, according to the 2021 lawsuit, which made it abundantly apparent that their defence had no link to CBD or cannabis-related deals.

The truth was upheld by the court, and Eastwood is said to have won related cases in a row at this point. The actor from “In Name Of The Fire” has, to this point, been shielded from any accusations.

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