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CM Punk Net Worth, Bio! How Much Does CM Punk Earn From Wrestling Career?

CM Punk is well-known as a Wrestler. He is commonly known by his real name “Phillip Jack Brooks,” is a retired American professional wrestler, actor, sports broadcaster, as well as MMA fighter. CM Punk net worth is nearly $10 million. He is recently contracted to All Elite Wrestling.

where he is the reigning lineal AEW World Champion in his initial reign but is restricted by a few injuries. 

CM Punk Biography

CM Punk was born on 26th October 1978 in Chicago, Illinois to this day He lives in Chicago, Illinois. He is one of the most treasured characters in Chicago, Illinois. He began his journey of proficient wrestling in Ring of Honor. CM Punk became their Champion when he was just 23 years old.

Net Worth CM Punk

Once individuals of WWE checked him out in Ring of Honor. He got the call to become a World Wrestling Entertainment roster member He joined World Wrestling Entertainment and began climbing the ladders of accomplishment. He was the initial ECW Champion when ECW became a great part of WWE.  

CM Punk Career

CM Punk used to exercise wrestling with his brother and later officially began his career as a backyard Wrestler in 1999. Now CM Punk net worth is around $10 million. From 2000 to 2005, Punk was linked with the IWA Mid-South and Pro Wrestling Zero One.

CM Punk Career

During 2003, he was employed by Ring of Honor and also functioned for Total Nonstop Action wrestling for the duration of 2003 to 2004. In 2005 Punk entered World Wrestling Entertainment, and throughout the same year, he also got the championship of ROH World Championship.

He functioned extremely well at WWE and became prominent for his astonishing performance. He was also honored as the reckless wrestler in the world to triumph in the WWE Triple Crown Championship. Later, in 2006 Punk joined ECW and became an outstanding performer.

He became World heavyweight champion in 2006 and also cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at RAW. Throughout 2011 he became the 19th Triple Crown champion, and he was one to do it recklessly. During the period 2011 to 2013, he controlled the position as WWE Champion.

Throughout 2013 he was also featured on the cover page of the WWE 2013 video game. Finally, in 2014 he left the WWE and signed a contract of 7 years with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Apart from this, CM Punk also has written a number of comic books and performed in movies.

Some current movies of his involve ‘The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown’ and ‘Queens of the Ring,’ and TV series involve Talking Dead and The Evolution of Punk. CM Punk also runs his own wrestling federation.

CM Punk Net Worth

CM Punk is a professional wrestler and mixed martial arts commentator contracted to All Elite Wrestling. As of May 2022, C M Punk has a splendid net worth of nearly $10 million. His career as Wrestler underwrites a lot to his net worth.

The annual income of CM Punk is more than $1.1 million, and the daily income is $27 hundred. He also attained $500,000 from his fight with Mickey Gall in 2016. Apart from wrestling, he also has gathered good affluence with his career as an actor.

He has also written a few comic books, and it also assists very much to augment his net worth.CM Punk is a commanding wrestler and also an upright actor. His journey with WWE was astounding, and he earned a lot of fame through it. He is an extremely demanding personality in wrestling.

Punk is blessed with upright writing skills and has also attained popularity as a writer. His superb game style has made a massive fan following, and he is definitely a better-known personality around the globe. 

CM Punk Relationship

CM Punk wedded fellow wrestler April Mendez, also well-known as AJ Lee, on June 13, 2014. They have been luckily married ever since and they do not have kids. She is presently an executive producer for WOW (Women of Wrestling).

CM Punk Relationship

AJ started her wrestling career in 2007 on the independent circuit. She contracted with WWE in 2009 and spent two years in its developmental branch, Florida Championship Wrestling, before getting moved to the major roster.

Throughout her time in the WWE, she earned the Divas Championship three times and held the title for an entire record of 406 days. She retired in 2015.

CM Punk Awards

Additionally, he has accumulated good wealth through his acting career. It is estimated that CM Punk net worth is nearly $10 million. For 2 consecutive years 2008 and 2009, he won the Money in the Bank matches and became the only wrestler to triumph this uninterruptedly for 2 years.

He was also a recipient of the superstar of the year Slammy award throughout 2011. In the collaboration with Kofi Kingston, CM Punk has to hold the WWE Intercontinental championship. CM Punk has won the World Championship in wrestling 7 times and the WWE championship 2 times. 

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