Is Samantha Logan Still Daniel Ezra’s Girlfriend? Ethnicity, Age, Height, Net Worth, Movies, Instagram, And More!

Daniel Ezra is a famous British actor. He has a period in many American drama series, including all American and the 12th night. He has been one of the most famous personalities in American cinema for many years now. He is famous for his power-packed performance that is delivered in not only movies but also web series. He has got a huge amount of fan following.

All American’s Daniel Ezra’s Detailed Biography

He was born in 1991 on 15th December in the United Kingdom. He belongs to the Sagittarian clan. His father is a fitness coach. However, the details concerning his mother and siblings are not known.

All Merican Fame Daniel Ezra's Girlfriend Ethnicity, Age, Height, Net Worth, Movies, Instagram

From his childhood, he was a fan of Harry Potter. His favorite sports were football and basketball. He was a States champion until he entered the field of acting.

Daniel Ezra’s Height And Weight

He has a handsome personality. His height is 5 feet and 8 inches. He also weighs around 78 kgs. He has got a huge appearance. He is always very conscious about his health. He has a masculine body that is very sturdy and strong. His personality makes him capable enough of becoming the best actor of the time.

Daniel Ezra’s Dating History

Daniel Ezra has always preferred keeping his personal life private. There is hardly any information available concerning his love life and dating life. There is also no information about whether he will get married anytime soon.

He has always been very secretive about this kind of information. This characteristic of his personality has helped him avoid all the controversy. There are no details regarding his girlfriend and wife known to the public for the time being.

Daniel Ezra’s Instagram

Daniel Ezra’s Awards And Career  

He is a phenomenal actor who has featured in many American shows like the missing and Undercover. He made his debut at the age of 18 on American Television. He was also cast in the American Sports television series All American in March 2018. 

He has been able to deliver a power-packed performance every time. All the web series and the television shows in which he has acted have been the biggest hits at the box office.

Daniel Ezra’s Accent

He has been a powerful actor in the first place. Since he belonged of a British origin, it was difficult for him to accommodate the American accent. To give his best performance on American Television, he worked with the greatest amount of dedication to understand the American accent.

He used to learn the American accent from his favorite rapper, Nipsey Hussle. After putting in so much effort, he has been successful in the same.

Daniel Ezra’s Net Worth

He has got an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars. This can include all of his Assets and other types of income. The most important sources of his income include his acting and other kinds of brand associations.

Because of this, he can live a very lavish lifestyle. In a recent interview, he explained that whatever net worth he has collected has been only because of this continuous effort over time.


He has achieved a huge amount of success in his field. It has represented his goodwill and since your efforts towards the ultimate objective of becoming famous.


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