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Diamond Baby, Paris Hilton’s Dog, Is Reportedly Missing

Paris Hilton is exerting great energy trying to find her lost puppy. On Monday, Diamond Baby, the dog of This Is Paris podcast host and hostess Rebecca Mead, 41, she alleged, had disappeared. She informed her devoted fans by uploading footage of herself cuddling her new pet.

According to her tweet, in which she tagged @HiltonPets and wrote, “This is so hard for me to express since they have been at a loss for words,” Diamond Baby was last seen on September 14.

Diamond Baby, Paris Hilton’s Dog, Is Reportedly Missing

A week after Diamond Baby’s disappearance, the 41-year-old TV personality and heiress posted to Instagram to tell her millions of fans that she had yet to find her daughter.

Paris Hilton's Dog Diamond Baby

Paris’s beloved cat was last seen leaving the residence via an open door on September 14, the day Paris is said to have moved.

Paris said, “This is so hard for me to convey because they have been at a loss for words.” Last week on Wednesday, Diamond Baby first went missing. To widen the hunt for Diamond Baby, Paris has reached out to her social media fans, asking for any tips they may have.

According to Paris, every available resource has been used: the pet detective, the dog whisperer, the pet psychic, and even dog-finding drones. They are trying hard to make amends with her and get her back. The pain will be familiar to anybody who has ever had a pet and had to say goodbye to it. Incredibly sad and broken, the heart has been breaking into tears.

A “Big Reward” Has Been Offered To Whoever Discovers Diamond Baby And Returns Her To Her Mother

There will be a hefty prize for her safe return, and they will greet her with open arms. If you have any information, she asked that it be sent along to her so that she could keep an eye out for her child. True, the French capital is famous for its love of dogs. In her lifetime, she has likely owned ten or more little dogs.

 Diamond Baby

Five years ago, Paris revealed to her fans that she had two dogs that lived in a small, two-story “doggy home” outfitted with central heating, plush couches, and a chandelier. For a while, Tinkerbell was the most famous dog in the world, and she was the most famous dog in Paris.

The Chihuahua, Who Was With Paris Throughout The Majority Of The 2000s, Went Away In 2015

She said, “I am so sad and wretched; the heart is broken. The pain they are going through is understandable to everyone who’s ever had a pet and lost it. Nothing is the same without her; they feel like a part of me has been taken away. The baby Diamond Baby means the world to me. They were inseparable, and she was my closest friend.

Before becoming “desperate and the more time that passes, the more away they feel from the prospects are that they will get her back,” Hilton claimed she was hesitant to publicly announce her search for Diamond Baby out of fear of her reaction get and for her safety.

Paris Hilton Is Heartbroken Because Her Beloved Dog, Diamond Baby, Ran Away

Hilton, 41, said she has been searching high and low for her missing chihuahua since it went missing on September 14. DJ shared photos and videos of her cat, Diamond Baby, and an emotional statement on Instagram on September 19 detailing her efforts to recover her lost pet.

Paris Hilton beloved dog Diamond Baby

They are finding the appropriate words for publication has been a significant challenge for me. Last seen last Wednesday, Diamond Baby @HiltonPets has been missing ever since.

While they were at the picture shoot, Hilton said, “one of the movers must have left a door open.” They and several friends and family have searched the whole neighborhood and even knocked on doors, but they haven’t found her.

Hilton claims she is looking into dog-finding drones after hiring a pet detective, a dog whisperer, and a pet psychic. They are trying hard to make amends with her and get her back.

Hilton said that she was hesitant to go public about the disappearance of Diamond Baby because “people may be harsh, and they worry about her safety, but they desperate,” and that the more they waited, the less likely it seemed that they would be able to bring her back.

After that, she gave an email address to anybody who may see her or know her whereabouts. In an Instagram post, Hilton described Diamond Baby in more detail, revealing that she is “a little shy and will go belly up if you try to carry her.”

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