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The Flash Star Ezra Miller Called Themself Both Jesus And The Devil!

Current events on The Flash have supposedly led to Ezra Miller identifying as both Jesus Christ and the Devil. The source claims to have interviewed more than a dozen persons who have had contact with Miller over the previous several years and found that the actor often referred to themselves as Jesus and the Devil.

According to three people who knew Miller well, Miller’s “grandiose speechifying” was inspired by their role as the show’s titular character.

Ezra Miller Believed They Were The Messiah, And The Flash Was Jesus In The Multiverse!

Ezra Miller supposedly said, “the Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together just like Jesus.” The ex-girlfriend quoted in a recent Source piece on actor Ezra Miller describes him as having “illusions of grandeur” and being “violent, devious, and aggressive.” Miller has acknowledged having “complex mental health concerns” and is currently undergoing therapy for those issues.

Ezra Miller Believed They Were The Messiah, And The Flash Was Jesus In The Multiverse!

Over the last two years, Miller has had many brushes with the law after being accused of multiple assaults, felony theft, and endangering the lives of his children. While Miller remains at large and Warner Bros. works to ready “The Flash” for release, two restraining orders have been issued in separate jurisdictions.

After Miller was charged with felony burglary in Vermont in August, he issued the following statement: “Having gone through a time of great stress, they now acknowledge that they are suffering from complex mental health challenges and have begun continuous counseling.” They sincerely to everyone who may have been alarmed or disturbed by the earlier behavior.

They committed to doing what needed to be done to return to a stable, fruitful place in life.

Ezra Miller Career Took Off After They Landed Prominent Roles In Films

Still, it has been tarnished by a series of events, including repeated assaults and charges that created a cult-like atmosphere. Kevin Armstrong, an extra on the upcoming 2020 miniseries adaptation of Steven King’s The Stand, is just one example of someone who has worked with Miller and shared a similarly disturbing story.

The Flash Star Ezra Miller Called Themself Both Jesus And The Devil!

Armstrong claims that Miller routinely disrupted the production by being rude and obnoxious to incite resentment among the crew and the performers. 

  • Miller has addressed the recent slew of tense events, explaining and apologizing for his erratic behavior. Miller recently went through a tough time and stated, “they now know that suffering major mental health difficulties and have been seeking continued counseling.” They apologize if past acts have caused anybody concern or discomfort. They will do whatever it takes to return to a stable, fruitful time in life.
  • As per the source spent six months talking to anonymous friends and “insiders” about Miller, and some said that the actor—whom they refer to using they/them pronouns—believes they are either Jesus Christ or the Devil.
  • The magazine claimed by a source that while in Iceland, Miller was persuaded by his 55-year-old “spiritual adviser,” North Dakota medicine man Jasper Young Bear, that he was the future Messiah and that the Freemasons were sending forth demons to murder him.
  • Miller’s relationship with Tokata Iron Eyes, the now-18-year-old nonbinary Indigenous activist whose parents filed a restraining order against the actor in June, is symbolic of the end of the world because Ezra is Jesus and Tokata is an apocalyptic Native American spider goddess.
  • Jumping Eagle, Iron Eyes’ mother, confirmed to the source that her son and his supporters “are some sort of messiah” and want to lead an Indigenous revolution.
  • The actor, whose past films include The Perks of Being a Wallflower, allegedly has an altar in his Vermont house where women may leave “offerings” such as firearms, cannabis, sage, and The Flash action figures.
  • Miller’s reps confirmed to the source that their client does keep several rifles and a flame thrower in his Vermont home. Still, they also stressed that all firearms are appropriately registered, stored, and maintained.

Ezra Miller Ex-Fiancée Erin Is Just One Of Several Women Who Have Claimed The Actor Abused 

As one individual put it, you’re in a nonconsensual emotional BDSM relationship with Ezra. Another Hawaii resident was asked whether he had seen Miller get into any altercations, and he answered, “Every encounter with Ezra is a battle.” They could justify him all day, but they don’t want to anymore,” Erin (who did not provide her last name) told to the source.

The Flash Star Ezra Miller Called Themself Both Jesus And The Devil!

They need to put an end to the inflated sense of self-importance. Despite their deep love for Ezra, they cannot bear to see him continue down this road to destruction. However, the actor’s attorney did not immediately respond to The request for comment on the article. Miller is scheduled to appear in court in Vermont on September 26 to face felony burglary with an alleged break-in and alcohol theft.

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