What Happened To Emmylou Harris? Young, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Songs, Youtube

On April 2, 1947, she was born in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. How much money does Emmylou Harris have now, in late 2016? Reliable sources have estimated Harris’ net worth to be $15 million because of her successful career as a singer.

Emmylou Harris Net Worth, Age, Husband, Children

On April 2, 1947, Emily Lou was born in Birmingham, Alabama, to a military family. As the daughter of a distinguished Marine Corps officer imprisoned in Korea in 1952 for 10 months and the wife of an army officer conflict.

 Emmylou Harris Young, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Songs, Youtube

When Emily Lou was a youngster, she lived in North Carolina and Woodbridge, both in the city of Virginia, where she graduated from high school as the valedictorian of her graduating class.

Date of birthApril 2, 1947
Height1.65 m
Weight58 kg
ProfessionSinger, Song-writer
Net worth$15 Million
Zodiac signAries

Quick Facts About Emmylou Harris

Harris is a 58kg man with a height of 1.65cm.
In 2009, she received an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music.
In 2002, she lost her beloved dog, Bonaparte, so she named her rescue facility, Bonaparte Retreat, after her beloved pet.

Age & Early Life Explored

Emmylou Harris is 75 years old. When it comes to musical genres, Emmylou Harris is an American singer-songwriter/musician who has collaborated with artists from across the spectrum.

It’s been almost four decades since she made her mark on the music industry with her crystalline, nuanced voice and her insatiable desire to create something new.

Military parents raised Harris in Birmingham, Alabama, born in 1947. Her father was a Marine Corps officer, and Woodbridge, Virginia, is where she grew up. Harris is a Prince William County, Virginia, high school alumnus.

Emmylou Harris’s Net Worth

It’s estimated that Emmylou Harris’ net worth is $15 million. Emmylou Harris began her musical career in Greenwich Village coffeehouses and clubs, where she sang folk tunes.

Emmylou Harris And Gram Parsons’s Album

When she provided her velvety, country-infused soprano vocals to Gram Parsons’s two solo albums in 1973 and 1974, she made her first great success as a new vocalist.

While Harris was still a minor label artist when Parsons died in 1973, she recorded her big label debut album, Pieces of the Sky (1975), which received rave reviews and included the song “From Boulder to Birmingham,” a homage to Parsons.

Sales of Harris’ albums have exceeded 20 million worldwide, earning her the nickname “the queen of country rock.”

Emmylou Harris Husband And Kids

EmmyLou Harris met and married composer Tom Slocum in Greenwich Village in 1969. It was 1970 when she released her debut album, Gliding Bird. As soon as Harris learned they were pregnant with Slocum, her marriage to Slocum disintegrated, and her record label went bankrupt. It was there that she welcomed her first child into the world and named her Haille.

Emmylou Harris married her producer Brian Ahern in 1977 in his Halifax, Nova Scotia, home. They had one child together, Megan, before divorcing in 1984. They married in 1985 and divorced in 1993, but she quickly found love again with singer-songwriter Paul Kennerly.


Emily Lou dropped out of college and traveled to NYC to pursue her musical dreams. She was a waitress while playing folk music at Greenwich Village coffee bars.

After marriage, Emily put her musical career on hiatus to acclimate to married life. The break lasted longer than many admirers imagined, but she returned after her marriage ended. She met the “Flying Burrito Brothers” when singing Gerry Mule and Tom Guidera’s compositions at a pub, and they introduced her to Gram Parsons.


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