Amber Heard’s Reference To Jhonny Depp’s Ex Kate Moss May ‘Blow Up In Her Face,’ Expert Says

Amber Heard's Reference To Jhonny Depp's Ex Kate Moss May 'Blow Up In Her Face,' Expert Says

When Amber Heard referred to Kate Moss on the stand last week, Johnny Depp’s attorneys erupted in joy, sources and analysts tell Fox News Digital.

Are Johnny Depp And Kate Moss Still Friends?

On May 5, an actress from “Aquaman” appeared well before a jury in Johnny Depp’s claimed adultery trial, providing this evidence to the jury. She said that the only occasion she “landed a blow” was when she anticipated he would throw and that she did so when she suspected he would throw.

Amber Heard's Reference To Jhonny Depp's Ex Kate Moss May 'Blow Up In Her Face,' Expert Says

“No second thoughts. They were not a patient person. They lunged at him, thinking about Kate Moss and the stairs. ”

Ben Chew, Depp’s lawyer, gave a fist pump to his colleagues as he opened his lips wide and lighted up his eyes in delight. In the seat next to Chew, Depp smiled as he stared down at the plaintiff’s table.

Film star Johnny Depp claims that a 2018 op-ed by Heard in which she described herself as the victim of domestic violence cost him his reputation and career $50 million in Virginia’s Fairfax County Circuit Court.
By filing a $100 million countersuit, Heard claims that her ex-husband collaborated with his former counsel to discredit her by claiming her abuse claims.

Lawyer Roland Acevedo, a Manhattan-based civil attorney, characterized the supermodel’s name-dropping as a “clear blunder.”

“It certainly may open the door to bringing in Kate Moss,” Acevedo remarked. “The defense devised a means to subpoena her and explain that the incident in question did not occur, even though the court considered it an exceptional circumstance. They want to show that the event in question did not take place. What if absolutely nothing goes right?”

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Judge Penney Azcarate is ultimately responsible for determining whether or not Moss can or will testify.
A source close to Johnny Depp has indicated that he and Moss are still close friends, and his legal team may ask her to testify in his rebuttal case against the actor’s accusations.

The civil lawyer Broderick Dunn, who practices in Virginia, concurred with Acevedo. It is something that Johnny Depp’s attorneys will now investigate, he stated. Heard might be in trouble for more than just his Moss allusion. Heard described the first time she claims Johnny Depp struck her in her testimony.

Depp’s legal team may be able to cross-examine Heard on her 2009 arrest for allegedly striking her ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

When she reportedly yanked van Ree’s jewelry off and hit her in the arm, she with minor domestic assault, according to Johnny Depp’s complaint.

Dunn said the domestic violence event might come in now. In the case of Amber Heard’s statement that she “knew she couldn’t strike a lady,” “that opens the door for Depp’s team to attempt to bring proof of any past assaults,” Dunn said.

While Heard’s arrest when her photo was released, the actress claimed she had because the police were misogynists and homophobic.

His lawyers say that the officer who slapped Depp in handcuffs was “a lesbian activist who openly acknowledged as such after being publicly disparaged.


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