What Happened At The End Of Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 2? Release Date, Cast, Recap

The first episode of Better Call Saul Season 6 is like a slow-burning candle suddenly and steadily inching towards dynamite. Season 5 has already aired its final episode. It has been full of explosions, and many twists and turns have been noticed in the same. The same is expected out of season six, which has become the talk of the town today. 

The Ending Of Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 2

After releasing episode 1 of season 6, it has become very clear that revenge is the ultimate common theme prevalent throughout this web series.

The Ending Of Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 2

The entire episode goes on the same theme in which the two important characters, Saul and Kim, want to take revenge against Howard. The other characters, like Lalo, want to kill all the people who want to kill him.

 One character is after the life of another character in the entire episode. Episode number 1 has been able to feature this confusion and anxiety in the mind of every character who is desperate to take the life of another person.

Better Call Saul Episode 2 Recap

Episode number one has culminated in a single question. This question is about where this revenge would take each personality shortly. The next question is about where will their quest for revenge leave them. 

These questions have to be answered in the upcoming season and episode of season 6. After visualizing episode 1, there is technically no idea about how the life of the important characters of Kim, Nacho, and Lalo would react to the upcoming changes. To answer all these questions, episode 2 is being developed. Episode number 2 would be all about how the individual reactions shape human personality.

Expected Plot Of Episode 2

Episode number 2 is expected to be the one that is full of explosions and surprises for the audience. This particular episode would revolve around the future course of action that the show would be in the position to take.

It is speculated that the false promise of Saul based on which Kettleman had to take revenge would be featured once again. On the other hand, Howard would be intoxicated with the help of drugs. He would be losing his mental ability to function properly.

All of the characters would be seen in a bad situation. The emotions of friendship, love, and cure find no space between the characters in this season. These emotions have been replaced with bad faith, malice, and other bad intentions.

Lessons Learnt And Confusion 

But one thing that it has been able to depict is the regret a person experiences after committing wrong with the other person without any fault. This would be able to create a very emotional ending because despite taking every possible kind of revenge from the enemies, none of them was happy and satisfied. There was dissatisfaction and discontentment all the way around. 

This is one of the strongest messages that can be delivered to the audience. It is all about brushing aside your hard feelings as soon as possible because they will not teach you anything but will only play with your mental peace.


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