Why Is One Piece Chapter 1047 Delayed? When Will The New Release Date Be?

The famous web series of one Piece, chapter 1047, has achieved huge popularity. After the success of season one, season 2 is all set to hit the screens anytime soon.

The plot created in season 1 has been able to excite a lot of the audience concerning the upcoming course of action and the expected twists and turns. The excitement is so much that they have been continuously able to connect with the notifications from the production house and the directors.

One Piece Chapter 1047 Release Date And Time Has Been Changed

The web series has developed a sufficient amount of plot in season 1. The most important characters of Luffy and Kaido were able to achieve gear number 5. Many members of the alliance were in the position to find themselves concerned by increasing instances of fire breaking in the town and the castle specifically. 

One Piece Chapter 1047 Release Date And Time

Season one culminated at a very suspicious note in which everybody was equally held responsible for all the destruction brought to the town. But the culprit has to be one and not all. The fans demanded the early release of season 2. They wanted to know the exact reason behind all the confusion as soon as possible. 

Release Date 

After constant demands from the audience, the directors of this famous web series have been able to notify that the latest season is expected to get released on 24th April 2022 at midnight GST. They have also notified the entire schedule in which different chapters would be notified and released. 

The whole timeline has been released in which the date and time of every episode’s release have been taken into consideration. It is expected that the whole web series will be divided into at least 20 chapters and episodes. All the chapters would be released separately to develop a sufficient level of suspense and excitement among the public. It is also a useful trick for keeping the audience hooked. 

Date Of Postponement

But a recent notification has again shocked the entire audience. The date of release of this web series has been postponed. Not only has the existing date been postponed, but no new date has been notified until now. This has created a huge amount of uncertainty and anxiety amongst all the audience who have been desperately waiting for the release. 

One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers

This has emerged to be the biggest shocking news of the decade. It has been a week since anything has been heard from the director’s side concerning the upcoming course of action regarding the web series. This has created a huge amount of anxiety among the fans once again.

The Reaction Of The Fans 

The fans have constantly been approaching the production house and the directors in the hope of getting an update about a new release date. But there has not been any update till now. This is one of the biggest disappointing news of this year. 


This increasing amount of suspense might affect the upcoming release because most people are tired after waiting so much for the release of this web series. It is expected that at least some kind of news will come up by the end of this week. But nothing concrete is known as of now. 


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