In The Season 2 Finale Of ‘The Equalizer,’ Queen Latifah Comes Too Close To The Flames.

If anybody is having any thoughts about Robyn McCall, playing “Queen Latifah”, that she was actually going to leave Bishop’s (Chris Noth) homicide without any avenge as a path to keep away from a battle collectively with his killer Mason Quinn (Chris Vance), they would be futile, pointless, and fallacious.

Robyn McCall Tried To Lockdown Quinn And Portioning To Delilah

It is tough to take the actress playing Queen Latifah, Robyn McCall down because she is too used makes her appearances in the CIA, and of course who does not know that Mel and Harry have got her back, always.

In The Season 2 Finale Of 'The Equalizer,' Queen Latifah Comes Too Close To The Flames.

In the Season 2 finale “The Equalizer” of the CBS, Robyn McCall has been seen burning the candle at each end of various numerous the episodes of the series in an attempt to lock down the location of Quinn and portioning to her daughter Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) to settle out a vengeance porn matter after pictures of her best buddy were spread out like fire in the school.

Delilah, the daughter of Queen Latifah, who is as soon once more disbelieving about the security of her mother, at last, meets super-secret colleagues of Robyn’s Melody (Liza Lapira) and Harry (Adam Goldberg).

Who is higher to help with a tech responsibility than Harry?

But matters acquired much more for the teen daughter of Robyn as her friend Vera (Cristina Angelica) makes an attempt t suicide to run away from the pain nevertheless Delilah makes an appearance straightforwardly within the glimpse of time.

Not only is Vera safeguarded, nevertheless, but Harry also managed to throw away any clue of her pictures off the web. Oh, and the slippery ex of Vera who leaked the images was arrested whereas his classmates who were witnessed it clicked a lot of images and videos for the social media.

It was a triumph for everybody who was concerned so, in fact, disaster could not be too far behind. As Robyn, Delilah, and Aunt Vi, played by Lorraine Toussant, are driving residence from power celebrating, an SUV driving at uncontrolled velocity got crashed into their automobile manufacturing.

The accident took place plainly as Robyn was briefing the pair that she was worried about a really damaging case.

As the largest concern for Delilah performs, Robyn was just about to tell Aunt Vi and Delilah about the matter and was taking her away from them when the car black SUV T-boned into the side of the car of Robyn. Suddenly, a duo of males takes hold of Robyn from the debris and puts a cowl over her head preceding then throwing her away into the SUV.

Robyn attained too near Quinn who’s engaged on a filthy bomb and the stakes are too much.

The homicide of Bishop will go without any efficient solution and of course a mystery for now whereas the fate of the world lies and rests within the steadiness till in wake of the season.

Now that their life of Robyn is at risk, Delilah might become too scared to fight the quality fight. With luck for fans, The Equalizer has been renewed for its new seasons, Seasons 3 and 4, so we all know Robyn will save her life on her own or will she be rescued.


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