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Ezra Miller Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, Instagram!

Ezra Miller is considered to be one of the most famous American actors. It is essential to mention that he has been able to gain a tremendous amount of popularity and recognition after appearing as Robert in a 2008 drama film which was titled After school. He has been in the industry of acting for the longest time and has achieved tremendous success with the help of unique and incredible acting skills. 

Not only this, but also he has appeared in so many movies and has been able to make each film successful with the help of his excellent acting skills. He has achieved all of this success in a brief period. He has also acted in some of the best drama series, which are telecasted on television and include California and law and order. With this amount of capacity, he has become one of the most critical and unique actors. 

Ezra Miller Biography

He was born on 14th September 1992. He is also held in New Jersey and belongs to an American nationality. He has already completed his early day school and also attended High School at the age of 16.

Ezra Miller Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, Instagram!

But since he was always interested in pursuing acting, he decided to join The dramatic society, and since then, there has been no looking back. He used to practice his singing and acting skills extensively. At the same time, he also joined a Music Academy and a dramatic Academy to improve his mastery over the period.

Full NameEzra Matthew Miller
Date Of Birth30 September 1992
Age27 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Net Worth17 million dollars

Ezra Miller Career

Since Ezra Miller was always interested in becoming an actor and a singer, he finally decided to pursue his career in that field after completing college. It is essential to mention that he decided to make a debut in one of the most critical and crucial projects of 2008, which was named Robert. He was appreciated for his unique and realistic acting skills, and after acknowledging his talent, he was offered more roles over the period. It was technically considered the most significant success of his life, and soon after, in 2011, he decided to star in another excellent drama film titled The Need to talk. He participated in the capacity of Kelvin. 

He was once again recognized for his hard work, and this was considered to be the most significant achievement of his life. Not only this, but he also decided to participate in a Television drama series, The Perks of Being, an equally successful flower and those able to achieve a tremendous amount of success over the period. He also decided to participate in Television drama series and other types of comedy shows which were equally successful, to gain a vast amount of recognition over time. All of this has been able to prove his hard work over some time. 

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Ezra Miller Net worth

With the help of his hard work, he has been able to achieve a total net worth of around 17 million dollars over the period. It has been considered to be the highest level of success that he has been able to report, and all of this has been possible only with the help of his hard work and goodwill. It is essential to mention that this has been the most significant success of his life because belonging to a middle-class family and then emerging out as a very successful person means a lot to him.

Ezra Miller Relationships

He has always remained secretive about his life. He has never been in the position to disclose any detail about anything because he knows that this is technically not possible for him to focus on anything else except for his career, which she has developed after a suits amount of success over the period. All of this is responsible for bringing the maximum amount of capacity in his life, which needs to be understood over the period. 


It can be concluded that he has achieved tremendous success in almost every field, and this is technically considered to be enough for a great personality like him. It is essential to mention that it is only with the help of this amount of success that he has managed to achieve almost every kind of target. It becomes necessary to note that the type of hard work he has shown is a meeting, and he is an inspiration to many people.

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