Living Fairy Tale, Brian Austin Green & Sharna Burgess Welcoming Son

Sharna And Braina, Profound Affection

After the birth of their first child, Brian Austin and Sharna Burgess are now living the life of a Disney princess. On June 28, 2022, they welcomed their first child into the world.

Sharna And Braina, Profound Affection

The 37-year-old actress from Beverly Hills, 90210, and the professional dancer from Dancing With the Stars chose the name Zane Walker Green for their handsome man.

Living Fairy Tale, Brian Austin Green & Sharna Burgess Welcoming Son

Couples who have never had a child don’t know what they’re in for when they embark on motherhood for the very first time.

Sharna has already admitted that she is unsure and worried about what would happen to her after giving birth. When she was pregnant, she thought she would never be able to love Brain the way she does now that she has a child.

Both Sharna and Braina have a profound affection for one another.

Since welcoming their son with much joy as a married couple, watching Brain with their child has completely warmed her heart, and she appears to be happier than ever afterward.

She stated, “After holding our kid, I never expected to love him the same way again. Seeing him so close to our son has made me fall in love with him over and over again, and now I love him more than ever “For now.

Megan Fox, Brain’s ex-wife, also has three more sons: Bodhi, 8, Noah, 9, and Journey, 5. Vanessa Marcil, his other ex, even has a 20-year-old Kassius.

Sharna And Braina, Profound Affection

Since Sharna had already seen how her husband raised his other children, she was in a unique position to gain insight into his parenting approach. She remarked,

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I consider myself really fortunate to have Brain in my life, and I’ve seen firsthand how well he treats young people. And as a result, I’m no longer concerned about how my spouse would care for our son in the future “It’s true.

Brain’s closeness to their son Zane delights the new mom. She observes him and their son cuddling on the couch.

She went on to say, “Neither I nor our son experiences any stress or mood swings because he is taking such good care of us. He is taking excellent care of both of us, and it makes me immensely proud of him “As a matter of fact.

The fact that Brain is always there for her as she recovers from her postpartum health concerns makes her feel like she’s living a fantasy.

Brain and Sharna first made the announcement in February that they were expecting their first child around July 4th.

 In previous reports, it was stated that the Brain was eager to become a father to Sharna’s child. Though Brain’s fifth child, he is overjoyed and pleased since this is the first child he and Sharna will have as parents.

Zane’s arrival has strengthened the relationship between the new parents, who are doing everything they can to raise him in the best possible way.

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